Government doesn’t really have a vaccine roll-out plan
The constant delays, along with the chaos at vaccination sites for healthcare workers this past weekend, are just some of the signs that South Africa was nowhere near having a concrete roll-out plan for the general public.
The health department has called on healthcare workers to register on the portal for vaccinations to be managed properly.
The number of health care workers who have been vaccinated under the Sisonke Protocol is 15,388 as of Sunday.
The rollout in the private sector has already commenced on 20 February and has vaccinated 3,000 healthcare workers. 
The faster inoculation campaign would seek to offer a first dose to everyone aged over 50 by mid-April, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Concern remained over data which showed the number of South Africans ‘who refuse to buy into the Covid narrative’ was between 8% to 13% of the population.

Treatment News More than 200 million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered globally

45 percent of the injections took place in countries belonging to the wealthy G7 club, whose members account for just 10 percent of the global population.

Covid-19 Meet the nurse who vaccinated President Cyril Ramaphosa

Milanie Bennett made history on Wednesday when she administered the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Covid-19 Covid-19 outbreak hits Chinese community in Cambodia

A group of Chinese nationals who underwent testing to obtain medical certificates for overseas travel recorded positive results, sparking fears of a wider outbreak in the community.

Covid-19 Cele warns of action against ‘imbalanced behaviour’ by cops in dealing with rule breakers

Cele said police management had not acted correctly in dealing with the incident of people queueing to receive Sassa grants in Belville.

Covid-19 Argentina’s health minister resigns after allowing friends to jump vaccine queue 

So far, only health workers have been vaccinated in Argentina, and vaccinations for people aged over 70 only began on Wednesday in Buenos Aires. 

Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine arrival in Africa raises questions about SA’s delays

Covid-19 Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine arrival in Africa raises questions about SA’s delays

The Africa Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT) announced on Friday it received an offer of 300 million Sputnik V vaccines from the Russian Federation. This included a financing package for any member states wishing to secure the vaccine.

Covid-19 Pfizer first dose 85% effective after two to four weeks – study

Israeli studies have found the Pfizer vaccine to be 95 percent effective one week after a second jab.

Covid-19 Too early to know if pangolins spread Covid-19, say experts 

What experts do know is that pangolins have the ability to host a variety of zoonotic diseases.

Covid-19 2 260 healthcare workers have had Johnson & Johnson jab so far

At least 40 000 health workers have contracted the virus. More than 600 have died.

Covid cases, deaths expected to increase

Covid-19 Covid cases, deaths expected to increase

‘Emergence of variant strains likely contributes to phenomenon.’

SA in line to develop own vaccine, Ramaphosa reveals in Parliament

Covid-19 SA in line to develop own vaccine, Ramaphosa reveals in Parliament

‘We can’t be scouring the world, but we must develop our own vaccine and we must develop it now.’

Infection Updates Daily Covid-19 update: 2,260 healthcare workers vaccinated to date, says Mkhize

Recoveries now stand at 1,399,829 representing a recovery rate of 93,5%. 

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