A group of engineers is forming part of the investigating team looking into the church wall collapse, Mchunu said.
The summit was convened to discuss the political and security situations in Sudan and Libya.
On Saturday alone, 68 drunk drivers were arrested while 19 pedestrians were arrested on the Gauteng freeways.
A number of the injured who are still at Ngwelezane Hospital, just outside Empangeni, are being treated for various fractures.
Sri Lanka’s police chief issued a warning on April 11, saying a ‘foreign intelligence agency’ had reported NTJ was planning attacks on churches and the Indian high commission.
The DA has refused to apologise to her and to stop telling potential voters she was fired by the party, when she in fact resigned.

Crime Over 900 arrested, R18.5m worth of goods confiscated in Easter holiday sweep

Hundreds of law enforcement officials were deployed in various parts of the country’s roads, tourist destinations, shopping malls and Easter holiday hotspots.

Environment How our pollution is creating a utopia for mosquitos

Pollution means malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are expanding into regions where they previous weren’t, and water pollution results in increased tolerance to pesticides.

World The history of Sri Lanka’s Christians

The churches in Negombo, popularly called ‘Little Rome’, will also be known as the site of a horrific act of anti-Christian violence.

Breaking News Ugandan police detain popstar MP Bobi Wine

Robert Kyagulanyi’s attempt to reach a concert venue on the shores of Lake Victoria was blocked by police, who fired tear gas and a water cannon at his convoy.

News Update Western Cape Metrorail fires estimated to have caused R33m in damages

Sunday’s fire, suspected to be arson, destroyed 12 coaches, two motor coaches and nine plain trailers.

Local News Polokwane N1 bypass turned into one way to alleviate Easter traffic

Traffic is expected to increase in the region this afternoon, after the last Moria church service.

Disasters State of Emergency declared after deadly Sri Lanka bombings

24 people have been arrested, but no responsibility has yet been claimed, after the worst ever attack against Sri Lanka’s small Christian minority.

Local News Three boys drown in abandoned illegal mine hole in Limpopo

The matter was reported to the police, and members from the Provincial Search and Rescue and the K9 Unit were summoned to the scene.

Accidents Man dies in head-on collision with police vehicle in Eastern Cape

Police are trying to identify the man, who died after colliding head-on with a police vehicle.

Africa Sudanese opposition suspends talks with military council

Friction between the two sides is increasing as protesters accuse the army of deliberately delaying the process of transferring Sudan to civilian rule.

Crime Over 500 drivers arrested during Easter weekend, says RTMC

More than half of the arrests were due to drunk driving, after 79 roadblocks and 65,000 fines were issued over the busy Easter weekend.

Africa Burundi pushing for SADC membership

If admitted, Burundi will be the second East African Community member state to join SADC after Tanzania, but rocky relations with Rwanda and Uganda could prevent this.

World 17 killed, 13 missing after mudslide in Colombia

The mudslide has been attributed to heavy rain that has battered the country for several weeks.

Crime Ezweni News editor found dead in Mpumalanga

Welcome Thobejane was found in a black Polo, badly beaten, with a rope tied around his neck.


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