The department says it also halted operations at USave Frances Baard and that these two stores will be allowed to open once they comply with regulations.
In the Western Cape, 603 people have been arrested since the start of the lockdown at midnight on Thursday, according to Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa.
Drake posted pictures of Adonis’ face for the first time since he was born in 2017.
According to a fake message, ‘all social media and forums are monitored’ and ‘your devices are connected to ministry systems’.
South Africans have questioned whether police are only enforcing regulations in black townships, allegedly violently so.
According to the Daily Sun and Sowetan, four children were caught in the crossfire and two had to be hospitalised.

Crime Granny, 75, allegedly raped and murdered by men posing as soldiers – MEC

Nonhlanhla Khoza said government was concerned about ‘criminals who take advantage of the national lockdown to rob and murder unsuspecting citizens’.

Covid-19 Use the shopping trolley method for queue distancing, says Social Development

Trolleys used as mobile barriers to enforce social distancing in queues.

Durban woman apologises to Indian community after her racist rant goes viral

In the video, which was reportedly filmed at the Tollgate Bridge intersection in the Berea area, Cathie Geldenhuys can be seen screaming at an unidentified motorist filming her tirade.

Covid-19 Covid-19 case reportedly confirmed in Alexandra township

Khayelitsha was the first township in the country to confirm a Covid-19 case, but the crowded 400,000-plus population of Alex has now come in next.

Covid-19 5 tips for surviving lockdown, from true experts of isolation

Astronaut Frank de Winne says it is vital to maintain human contact, even if only electronically.

The virus is the enemy, not civilians, says Maimane amid calls for action against ‘lawless’ officers

His complaint comes after the DA’s confirmation that some cases of misconduct have been registered for investigation.

Africa Zimbabwe begins its own 21-day lockdown

Zimbabwean authorities on Monday began enforcing a three-week lockdown in its fight against the spread of coronavirus after the disease left one person dead and infected six others.

Covid-19 Spar in Mpumalanga installs ‘sneeze shields’ to protect staff, customers from coronavirus

The owner of the Spar outlet says he first got the idea when he saw it at another Spar in Joburg, and he sanitses the sneeze shields regularly.

Covid-19 Police site crashes as Kiwis turn into shutdown informers

New Zealand, with a population of about five million, has 552 confirmed COVID-19 cases, one of them fatal.

Covid-19 Msimanga accuses Masina of misleading Ekurhuleni about Covid-19 ‘vaccine’

But the mayor says he never said there was a vaccine, but a drug from Cuba to help with Covid-19.

Politics DA calls for military investigation of SANDF ‘citizen punishment’ videos

Marais described the SANDF members behaviour as ‘disgusting’ and said the DA condemns the actions in ‘the strongest terms’.

Covid-19 SA to participate in Covid-19 clinical trial

WHO has convened an independent group of experts to review evidence from laboratory, animal and clinical studies to prioritise treatments for inclusion in the Public Health Emergency Solidarity Trial.

Covid-19 Khoisan to continue camping at the Union Buildings during lockdown

The leader of the group says water containers and soap were provided at the camp and they would remain there for the duration of the lockdown.

General Joburg shelters face shortages due to unanticipated numbers of homeless people

This after the number of those seeking shelter grew overnight to numbers that were initially unaccounted for as word spread that the YMCA is accommodating homeless.

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