GR C-HR could follow the Corolla and GR Yaris in becoming the third model to make use of the 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine.
Supplied photo confirms the previous side angle shot and sees the Strada resembling the bigger Toro in both profile and design.
Tweaks has resulted in power increasing from 250 kW to 285 kW with torque remaining unchanged at 500 Nm.
The announcement also sees the permanent departure of GM from all right-hand-drive markets that kicked-off in 2016.
Production could drastically be cut within the next few weeks from 70 to 40 units per day.
Inclusion of a Roush supplied 2.65-litre VTS blower could see power from the 5.0-litre Coyote V8 rise from 339kW/556Nm to 529kW/828Nm.

Motoring News Next Audi R8 destined to get hybrid V10?

“With electrification we have the chance to increase the full system power”.

Motoring News Kia releases first official new Sorento details

Sorento sports an altogether more aggressive appearance with the front-end being a clear evolution of that of the the outgoing model.

Motoring News ‘Most powerful and clean’ new Volkswagen Golf GTD teased

Power will go up from the 130 kW in the Mk 7.5 to 147 kW, the same as what the Mk V GTI produced.

Motoring News New tribe seeking Renault Triber priced

Second and third rows can also be removed completely with overall boot space ranging from 84-litres with all seven seats up to 625-litres.

Motoring News Flat oil price offsets weaker Rand in projected March fuel price drop

Rand’s weakening against the US Dollar, as well as the mentioned flatter oil price, points to a decrease of between 14 and 25 cents a litre for petrol.

Motoring News Facelift Mitsubishi ASX stickered

Up front, Mitsubishi Motors South Africa has retained the long-serving 2.0-litre petrol that makes 110kW/197Nm.

Civilised and potent side of BMW M Performance arrives

Road tests Civilised and potent side of BMW M Performance arrives

M340i xDrive jumps off the line without a hint of drama and hits 100 km/h in a mere 4.64 sec, quicker than it took you to activate launch control.

Motoring News Scorching Hyundai i30 N (finally) races into South Africa

The most powerful i30 to date is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that produces 202kW/353Nm.

Motoring News Hybrid drivetrain the sole way forward for next Ford Focus RS

Requirements has put renewed speculation on the actual powertrain, which could consist out of a turbocharged 221 kW 2.5-litre engine mated to 74 kW electric motor.

Motoring News Five-door Suzuki Jimny set to become reality in 2021

Gypsy will be identical to the Jimny and therefore come powered by the same 1.5-litre K15B petrol engine.

Motoring News Aston Martin blows Vantage’s top

Z-shaped folding mechanism and revised chassis, according to Gaydon, has only resulted in a 60 kg weight gain over the coupe.

Hyundai takes the small SUV to a new Venue

Motoring News Hyundai takes the small SUV to a new Venue

Wide torque range has the Venue pulling strongly from around 1 300 rpm, making the use of sixth gear absolutely plausible in city traffic.

Motoring News Citroën takes out the scalpels on C3

Inside, the changes are equally minor but still noticeable with the most prominent being a new wood-like veneer dubbed Techwood.

Motoring News Toyota MR2 revival branded “not a priority”

Breathing new life in the MR2 moniker, which has been dormant since 2007, “is not a priority”.

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