Six could eclipse the Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDI’s 165kW/580Nm and the Ford Ranger Raptor’s 157kW/500Nm if if approved.
Replacement for the Kicks at the entry-point of Nissan’s crossover/SUV line-up will be styled to resemble the latter instead of the former.
It is worth noting though that all of the mentioned prices include the 25-cent hike in fuel and Road Accident Fund levies.
Publication also claims that the Fortuner could receive the upgraded 2.8 GD-6 engine.
Biggest anomaly for the year was when Subaru’s more powerful Impreza WRX STI ran slower to 100 km/h compared to the WRX.
Lengthened Jimny will be built by Suzuki’s Maruti division and feature the same chassis and drivetrain as the regular three-door.

Motoring News Track only focused Lamborghini Aventador teased

Newcomer could carry the SVR moniker and retain the 6.5-litre normally aspirated V12 engine, albeit ramped-up to 610 kW.

Motoring News Oil-burning Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will have a six beating heart

Application of a four-cylinder would result in the engine being turned-up and therefore possibly stressed.

Business News Largest fuel price drop in SA history on the cards for next month

The AA has noted that the huge price drop is coming at a time when most South Africans won’t really be going anywhere anyway.

Motoring News Backthrust 2004: When Merc C55 was king

Manual transmissions and big capacity naturally aspirated engines still ruled the roost.

GT infused Kia Seltos punches hard

Motoring News GT infused Kia Seltos punches hard

That 242 Nm of torque is on song between 1 500 rpm and 3 200 rpm so the Seltos experiences a strong forward thrust.

Motoring News Next generation Mitsubishi Pajero claim allegedly a big hoax

Apparent confirmation has allegedly proved to be nothing but a farce.

Motoring News All-new Mitsubishi Pajero expected to premiere in 2021/2022

Pajero will ride on a brand-new body-on-frame platform incorporating a longer wheelbase and an unchanged overall length.

Motoring News New mild-hybrid six-cylinder diesel Range Rover ends V8 oil-burner’s run

With a reported torque output of 700 Nm, the Sport D350 MHEV will allegedly get from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

Motoring News Next Hyundai H-1 looks completely different as first spy images emerge

H-1 will switch to a front-wheel-drive platform and drop the 2.4-litre petrol and 2.5 CRDI engines.

Motoring News Incoming Toyota and Lexus models detailed as product slide goes viral

Land Cruiser will be stripped of all of its luxuries “in favo(u)r of hardcore off roading”.

Toyota has a new Quest for Corolla

Motoring News Toyota has a new Quest for Corolla

Quest still looks fresh and unlikely to attract comments such as “offensive” or “bland”.

Motoring News Sportier and lightweight Porsche 911 Turbo S packs introduced

The simply titled Lightweight Package removes the rear seats and some of the sound deadening materials.

Motoring News Facelift Toyota Hilux set to receive powered-up 2.8 GD-6

Updated Hilux could make its official debut later this year, although an exact date remains unknown.

Motoring News Hot Peugeot 208 will be electric only, pack more punch than petrol GTI

PSE will not only produce more power than the e-208’s 100 kW, but allegedly also outgun the GTI.

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