Activists say authoritarian regimes are using the coronavirus as a pretext to suppress independent speech and increase surveillance.
The fastest growing social media platform in the world has also become an epicentre of public education about the coronavirus.
Vodacom’s various 30-day data bundle prices will be cut across all of its channels by up to 40 per cent.
The health minister reacted with derision to a question about a conspiracy theory that radio waves may have something to do with the problem.
This has been done in an effort to accommodate those who have to work remotely, find ways to keep entertained and stay connected with loved ones.
According to Pornhub’s vice-president Corey Price, his company hopes that ‘people have an extra incentive to stay home and flatten the curve’.

Technology YouTube reduces video quality across the world for a month

Though it’s expected that this adjustment will last for a month, it’s possible that it will continue longer.

Education Old school becomes history as world turns to online learning

As South Africa goes into lockdown, the quest begins for new ways of teaching and learning.

Technology Instagram unveils new shared video feature to ease isolation

The social network also said it would offer links to donations for nonprofit organisations and offer tips for social distancing.

Covid-19 Germ-destroying robots come into their own amid Covid-19 outbreak

Netcare is using groundbreaking technologies to strengthen hospital infection prevention and control.

Covid-19 Coronavirus: How to clean your smartphone, tablet and laptoptip

To stay safe from the coronavirus, you should regularly clean your electronic devices.

Technology How to boost your internet connection at home

A high quality internet connection is essential when teleworking.

Covid-19 How coronavirus will speed up the fourth industrial revolution

Covid-19 is forcing the worlds of business and education to embrace many of the tools that they have been avoiding, believing the old ways still work best.

Technology Logitech R500 laser remote makes presentations a walk in the park

The remote has Bluetooth on board, so it can pair up easily with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Technology Tecno smartphones to shake up SA market

It’s a major African smartphone brand and now it has arrived in SA in hopes of shaking up the market.

Technology Apple’s rumoured over-ear headphones leaked in iOS 14

Apple’s AirPods could soon be getting an over-ear sibling.

Twitter tries their hand at disappearing tweets

‘We are experimenting with a new way for you to ‘think aloud’ on Twitter, with no likes, retweets or public comments,’ said the company.

Technology How social media firms are preventing the spread of misinformation about coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the world’s biggest social platforms have begun taking action against misinformation.

Fitness and health Coronavirus among sub-Saharan Africa’s top Google searches

The growing concerns as a result of this are attracting a lot of search interest in South Africa, Nigeria and across most of sub-Saharan Africa.

Technology Entrepreneur wants to lead SA into the future with AI

A larger-than-life character who started coding at school wants to lead the artificial intelligence revolution.




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