What you posted on social media in the past could impact your job, your livelihood or your entire life. Just ask Bianca Schoombee.
Google has announced that people searching for dinosaurs in the dedicated Search engine will be able to see the gigantic reptiles in augmented reality.
Covid-19 tracking app for phones could save you from virus
Although privacy fears have been discounted, the success and effective use of the tool is dependent on its uptake, which should be at least 15% of the population.
A new online transport app welcomes car owners to offer seats when they travel and share that cost, or offer their cars for rentals to make an extra buck.
The world’s football leagues have been on hold for three months, but technology is helping soccer come back.
Digital tech, data emerge as major virus battle tools
People are able to use HealthCheck to self-assess their Covid-19 risk and suggested actions or guidelines will be recommended.

Technology How tech will help the PGA golf tour return to Europe

This is the first on a series of sports returning from lockdown.

Technology Huawei unveils new Honor smartphone that can take your temperature

Honor’s latest flagship can detect if a person has a fever based on their temperature.

Business News Beware of online coronavirus scams

Sabric has warned that cybercriminals are exploiting the spread of coronavirus for their own gain using ‘coronamania’ panic to spread coronavirus scams.

Technology Robot dog hounds Thai shoppers to keep hands virus-free

K9’s 5G-powered comrades include ROC, which checks temperatures, and LISA, a customer service-bot.

Business Banking 4.0: Coronavirus accelerates shakeup in financial services

Financial services were always due for a shakeup but this is happening in the midst of a banking revolution.

Technology Google unveils ‘Bedtime’ feature on Android to help with sleep

In the future, the new feature will be made available for all Android smartphones.

Technology Beware: This image can crash your Android phone when set as wallpaper

An image of a landscape circulating the web causes Android smartphones to crash and brick when it’s set as a wallpaper.

Technology Japan city aims to ban phone use while walking

Pedestrians glued to their phones while walking cause collisions and sometimes accidents around the world.

Business Smartphone tool helps users keep social distance

Smartphone users have a new way to keep their distance – a tool that lets them know when people are getting closer than pandemic guidelines recommend.

Technology Amazon Kindle: Still an exceptional way to read

The all-new Kindle helps you go beyond a book with Amazon’s newest reading features.

Technology Google deletes millions of negative TikTok reviews from Play Store

Last week the app had over 27 million reviews — now, it has just 20 million.

Technology Covid-19 apps to help you stay informed and safe

The Covid-19 crisis has inspired a new generation of apps,

Business Facebook to help struggling retailers create online stores

Shops will roll out in coming months to some 160 million businesses that already use the social network.

Technology Apple, Google launch Covid-19 contact-tracing platform

The two firms said 22 countries had so far asked to use their platform and they expect more to come on board in the coming weeks.




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