Musk wants to use his brain machine to help people with severe neurological conditions, but eventually people will have the option of merging with artificial intelligence.
Meanwhile, Microsoft has been testing its Project xCloud game-streaming technology.
Ana Gonzalez, head of 500 Startups Miami — which has its main headquarters in Silicon Valley — said that Miami’s ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem is at an inflection point.’ 
The team is also investigating future devices that may help stroke survivors who have suffered loss of mobility to walk more symmetrically, efficiently and faster. 
The world’s biggest social network has been cracking down on fraudulent influence campaigns and bogus posts.
Laptops with a replaced battery will be allowed on flights and will reportedly not be affected by the ban.

Instagram users can now create their own augmented reality filters

The Facebook-brand AR studio is likely here to stay since the similar Snapchat platform has proven popular among users,

Facebook adds 10 African languages to its fact-checking programme

The programme relies on feedback from the social network’s community to raise potentially false stories to fact-checkers for review.

Mobile app to help reunite owners with their lost furbabies

Lost & Hound is free, and simply requires an email address or Facebook account to sign up.

Facebook listened to users’ conversations – report

The company didn’t specify what it did with the audio afterwards.

Twitter to let users follow interests as well as people

The company also highlighted ongoing efforts to make sharing thoughts on the platform safe and easy.

How waterproof is your smartphone?

Would your phone survive a dip in the water?

Huawei launches own operating system to rival Android

Yu says HarmonyOS is ‘future oriented’ and designed to be ‘more smooth and secure’.

Rapoo launches silent mouse and the latest wireless peripherals

The computer gadgets we take most for granted are the ones that contribute the most to comfort.

Facebook to rebrand WhatsApp and Instagram

The revised titles will be visible on the App Store and Play Store as well as directly within the apps. 

Whatsapp could soon start censoring what you are saying

And to do it, Facebook plans to start sending your messages to external developers.

First hoverboard crossing of the English channel achieved

A Frenchman who has spent years developing a jet-powered hoverboard zoomed across the English Channel on Sunday, fulfilling his quest just 10 days after failing in a first attempt when he fell into the water while trying to refuel.

Apple reinventing itself again

With iPhone sales stuttering the company has been forced to make some changes.

This AI system uses facial recognition to ensure lines are respected at the bar

The technology is currently being tested in the UK, so it’s not available for purchase yet.

Astronomers have found a new habitable planet and it’s close

It is not the first potentially habitable planet to have been discovered close to us.




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