Scientists around the world have been working around the clock to identify the pathogen behind the new illness.
Small Lives Matter! Be kind to the creepy crawlies
Insects play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and ensuring food security. This is why a group of scientists from the Stellenbosch University want to change people’s mindsets to be kinder to our insect friends.
While the astronauts said they looked and smelled like cookies, no one has tasted them.
The planet, named ‘TOI 700 d’, is relatively close to Earth, is about 20 percent larger than Earth, and orbits its star in 37 days.
Earth is always turning, but what if someone threw on the planet’s emergency brake and brought everything to a sudden stop? It would be bad.
Scientists generally believe that there are two types of black holes.

Science How the human back is a design disaster

Everyone who lives long enough is likely to experience back pain. And the cause isn’t just ageing.

Science EXPLAINER: What happens to our bodies after we die

Death isn’t always a topic we want to talk about, but it is a fact of life… and lots of scientists dedicate their entire careers to finding out exactly what happens after we die?

Science How UCT finally reburied its ‘unethically obtained’ skeletons

The Sutherland Reburials Project enabled the University of Cape Town to attempt to provide an ethical model of redress and social justice through science.

Science How did humans learn to walk upright?

From the standpoint of evolution, in other words, Danuvius guggenmosi may have been able to walk on its hind legs in the trees before it reached the ground, not afterwards.

Science Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

Are we alone in the universe? It comes down to whether intelligence is a probable outcome of natural selection, or an improbable fluke.

SA entrepreneurs produce diesel from tobacco, castor oil

Business News SA entrepreneurs produce diesel from tobacco, castor oil

Ngidi and Mabapa have secured clients and hope their success encourages fellow rural businesspeople to follow suit.

Science Why your memories can’t be trusted

Memory does not work like a video tape – it is not stored like a file just waiting to be retrieved. Instead, memories are formed in networks across the brain and every time they are recalled they can be subtly changed.

Science WATCH: Nasa conducts first all-female spacewalk

Some denounced Nasa for implicit sexism in March after the first attempt at the mission was cancelled in March.

Science Meet ‘le blob’, Paris zoo’s new star attraction

Preceding humans on Earth by some 500 million years, the creature resembles a kind of slippery sponge.

Embrace AI for better efficiency, opportunities – experts

Premium Embrace AI for better efficiency, opportunities – experts

Africa has the greatest opportunity for new connections and better datasets mean more improved products and societal benefits, the SU South Africa Summit 2019 has heard.

Science Humans will not ‘migrate’ to other planets, Nobel winner says

The 77-year-old said he felt the need to ‘kill all the statements that say ‘OK, we will go to a liveable planet if one day life is not possible on earth’.’

Science Scientists discover oldest galaxy cluster

The discovery may hold clues about how the universe developed.

Science Lending a hand to innovators

The hand is still in its development phase and will be available to the market by 2023 for about R25,000 – a fraction of the price for similar products.

Science Japanese scientists find new dinosaur species

Kamuysaurus japonicus, or ‘Japanese dragon god’, probably lived in coastal areas, a rare habitat for dinosaurs at that time.




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