As part of the travel package, the magazine has also released travel guides for all seven states.
Most sufferers have type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and other lifestyle factors.
E-cigarettes were initially touted as less damaging than tobacco, which causes around eight million deaths a year.
There is so much beauty waiting to be seen in every corner of South Africa – from pristine game reserves to majestic mountains and gorgeous coastlines.
Psychological research has shown that once something has happened to us, we are more likely to believe that it is universally true.
Diabetes warning: have yourself checked by a doctor
Diabetes is a genuinely democratic disease which respects no gender, racial or cultural makeup, nor socioeconomic status.
You’re more likely to enjoy something the second time around, study finds

Your lifestyle You’re more likely to enjoy something the second time around, study finds

There is joy in repetition partly because every human mind wanders.

How to have a better retirement

Your lifestyle How to have a better retirement

This is an exploration of anything you’ve ever wondered about but never pursued because ‘life got in the way.’

How to sound more confident and persuasive

Your lifestyle How to sound more confident and persuasive

When someone tries to persuade us, we sometimes push back because we don’t want to be persuaded.

Fitness and health Health Check: Does the ‘G-spot’ exist?

It is perhaps one of the most controversial debates in sexual function: is there or isn’t there a G-spot? And if there is, how do we find it?

Travel Nutella-themed pop-up hotel to open in California next year

Three winners and their travel companions will be flown to the pop-up hotel for a weekend stay in 2020.

Book review: The Trial of J.J Rawlings, A Revolutionary Moment in Post Colonial Ghana

Entertainment Book review: The Trial of J.J Rawlings, A Revolutionary Moment in Post Colonial Ghana

The most interesting part of the post-coup period was the colourful elections won by Dr Hilla Limann’s People National Party in September 1979.

Travel Seven reasons to visit Victoria Falls during low season

If you’re fortunate enough to visit the falls at full moon, there may be a moonbow: truly a memory to treasure.

The world’s top 10 cities for driving

The study focused on 100 cities across the globe, which were ranked on the basis of 15 criteria, linked to infrastructure, safety and costs.

Your lifestyle Genes could play a part in losing your virginity

We found 38 gene variants associated with the age of first sexual intercourse.

Technology Motorola’s new Razr vs the rest of the folding display competition

Like the Galaxy Fold but unlike the Mate X which folds outward, the new Razr has two screens.

Travel Best visas for South Africans emigrating to the UK

If your partner has a British passport or is eligible to apply for an ancestral visa, you can relocate to the UK after obtaining a spousal visa.

Entertainment ‘Mad About You’ makes comeback 20 years later

Created in 1992, the sitcom was a major hit in the US and other countries.

food and drink People pay R7K for these custom cannabis-infused meals

Chris Sayegh is elevating cannabis-infused food with high-end dining.

Alicia Keys to host 2020 Grammy Awards

Keys will become the first female musician and third woman ever to host the award ceremony more than once.



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