The president also expressed the importance of the international community showing solidarity with the people of Western Sahara. 
Passengers trying to check in rule-nonconforming bags will be offered the option of having their baggage wrapped in a specific way.
Lopburi was supposed to be monkeys, temples, and history, but it really is a scene from a ‘Mad Max’ movie.
The types which recorded the largest negative year-on-year growth in income were guest-houses and guest-farms.
The new theme park boasts 14 different roller coasters.
The World Food Programme says the humanitarian crisis following the cyclone is on a par with crises in Yemen, Syria and South Sudan.

Travel Bieber is the reason tourists can’t visit this Icelandic canyon

The pop star shot his music video there in 2015.

Travel These are the happiest countries in the world

This year, Finns reported the highest rates of life satisfaction and happiness.

Travel SA set to lose ranking as no. 1 tourism destination on the continent

SA’s decline is Egypt’s gain as things could change as early as 2020.

Travel New British Airways business class seat features door and bed

The new aircraft claims to offer an improved flight experience with reduced noise levels, high ceilings, and ambient lighting.

Travel List of the most expensive cities in 2019 is released

Of African cities, only Lagos appears on either list of most expensive and cheapest cities in the world.

Travel The town with too many tourists

City officials in Lake Elsinore, California, are doing whatever they can to stop people from coming to their town.

Travel Northcliff Hill: Joburg’s most beautiful place

From proposals to lovers, friends getting high or children playing – the koppie accepts everyone.

Travel Malaysian Airlines may soon be no more

The once exceptional airline’s future may be a strong indicator of what should be done with SAA.

Travel The world’s cleanest airlines

Shockingly, SAA is not on the list.

Travel A brief moment in Norway

Bergen harbour is the backdrop for a perfectly remembered moment.

Travel Why the world is best explored on foot

Running in cities, especially in Europe and the US, is not that easy, especially if you’re staying in a city centre hotel.

Travel Get paid to travel

Six people will get the chance to travel through Europe, Asia, or America on an all-expenses-paid trip – with a catch.

Travel Pilot buys whole flight burgers

Passengers aboard a plane delayed on the tarmac for hours are gushing about their pilot’s unique response to the problem.

Travel ‘Bar truck’ brings a bit of life back to French villages

The traditional French cafe where people of all stripes have customarily met is becoming a rare sight in many villages, but a man with a van — and a liquor licence — is making the rounds to help revive rural socialising.




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