Captain stunned experts by saying the ship had to be evacuated to ensure the coronavirus does not spread further.
Trump’s first test was taken after he came into contact with several members of a Brazilian presidential delegation visiting his Florida resort who later tested positive for the virus.
US president says their numbers seem to be a ‘little bit on the light side.’
Russia has previously sent medical supplies and experts to coronavirus-hit Italy as part of a humanitarian effort that analysts said carried geopolitical overtones.
New Zealand, with a population of about five million, has 552 confirmed COVID-19 cases, one of them fatal.
Trump said he expects the country “will be well on our way to recovery” by June 1 – dropping his previous target of Easter.

Covid-19 UK police use drones to stop dog walkers during crisis

Social media users compared their actions to “the Stasi”, East Germany’s notorious state police.

International Evacuations, airport closure as Typhoon Kammuri nears Philippines

Nearly 70,000 people had already fled their homes in the Bicol region.

International Angry bees delay Air India flight

The flight to Agartala in north-eastern India eventually took off more than three and a half hours late.

International Man held for 82 days for bringing honey into US

According to the charging document, the agents suspected him of transporting liquid methamphetamine, and placed him in detention.

International Five things to know about Greenland

Its 55,000 inhabitants — of whom 17,000 reside in the capital Nuuk — are more than 90 percent Inuit, an indigenous group from Central Asia.

International Saudi Arabia eases travel restrictions on women

Some also denounced the change as ‘unIslamic’ in a society that traditionally sees men as protectors of women.

International Robust baht, travel trends rattle Thai tourism market

Thailand is still a relatively inexpensive destination with picture-perfect beaches and world-famous street food.

International Facelift of Cairo’s Baron Palace sparks outcry

A Facebook page called Egyptian Historians chided officials for the ‘warped’ restoration.

International Trump confirms interest in buying Greenland

Greenland’s ministry of foreign affairs insisted Friday the island was ready to talk business, but was not for sale.

International Five laws easy for tourists to break

These are the international laws South Africans are most likely to find themselves accidentally breaking.

International The 10 best hotels in the world for 2019

The European rankings is largely monopolised by Italian, Turkish and Greek getaways.

International The 10 best hostels for solo travellers of 2019

Is a backpacking trip on the horizon for you this year?




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