Sins of the flesh for the virtuous
Nkomazi Private Game Reserve :southern Mpumalanga at its gorgeous best
Zimbabwean nationals living in SA and abroad could now place an order for an assortment of foodstuffs and have the parcel ready for collection or delivery back home.
Only in Africa did the number of new infections increase, by 11 percent, confirming a trend which started at the beginning of December.
“The incident is the most violent direct attack against innocent civilians this year.”
Last week Tanzania and Mozambique signed an agreement to join forces to fight the jihadists.
A little over a year ago Somizi and Mohale tied the knot so the couple celebrated their anniversary with a safari getaway.

Africa Into the back of beyond! I’m Louvain it!

This might sound strange to you, but I’m convinced there’s a Travellers’ Chapter of the Flat-Earth Society and that its headquarters is in the Western Cape.

Africa Africa’s young people express views on Covid-19

Young and mid-level career citizens are cautiously optimistic about the future.

Africa Kenya wildlife reserves threatened as tourists stay away

In the majestic plains of the Maasai Mara, the coronavirus pandemic spells economic disaster for locals who earn a living from tourists coming to see Kenya’s abundant wildlife.

Africa Aww! We just love kids who sing

Facebook user want someone to sign the little boy to a record deal

Africa Mount Grace in Magaliesburg finds new owner in Tsogo Sun

Tsogo Sun Hotels has noted the announcement that they have closed three hotels and are removing them from the Marriott system as a result of the impact of Covid-19.

Africa Ramaphosa to hold virtual meetings with African heads of state

African economies are expected to be hardest hit by lockdown regulations which in turn will affect businesses and trade.

Africa Ugandan police shoot two people for violating restrictions during Covid-19 outbreak

On Thursday police and soldiers in the capital beat fruit vendors, marketgoers and people in bars with batons in a bid to disperse people gathering in groups.

Africa 64 migrants found dead in container in Mozambique

Migrants thought to be headed for South Africa

Africa Media panned for ‘fake news’ about Vic Falls ‘drying up’

The report in December was ‘ill-thought-out, careless, inaccurate, hopelessly wide-of-the-mark reporting’ which damaged the tourism business.

Africa Mugabe left his family $10m, a farm and two houses

These assets were declared to the Zimbabwean High Court after the family had been unable to locate his will.

Africa Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wins Nobel Peace Prize

The committee says the Prime Minister has reached out his hand to formalise a peace process with Eritrea and given many Ethiopians a better life and brighter future.

Africa Pan African Parliament hosts Civil Society Forum

Gathered at the PAP were representatives of South Africa-based civil society organisations.

Africa Thousands in rare pro-democracy protests in eSwatini

Political parties and pro-democracy groups have been outlawed for nearly five decades in the kingdom previously known as Swaziland.

Africa Ramaphosa salutes ‘hero’ Kenneth Kaunda as Zambia’s founding father turns 95 (with a dance)

The SA government said the former liberation leader remains very admired.

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