The trips include everything from treks in the Amazon jungle to camping on a cliff in Colorado and hunting for UFOs in Arizona. 
From swearing to porn and vaping, one could even get you the death penalty.
The town remains at its core a village that has the cliffs, tidal pool and old harbour as its epicentre.
The Pakistan international airlines flight was delayed from 9.20pm to 5 am the next morning.
Visitors can channel their inner Sheldon and recreate his signature tri-call knock, or sit in his designated ‘spot’ on the couch.
But organisers face a challenge to promote rugby in baseball-mad Japan.

Travel OPINION: In memories of travel

Warren Robertson wonders if the difficulty and cost of travel make it worthwhile at all.

Travel Female gondoleers are teaching the art to the masses

“The idea is to save the tradition. Not just the actual rowing, everything: the boat building, the oar making, the forcola (oar rowlock) making, crafts that have been going for centuries and centuries”.

Travel Around the world in seven years: Taiwanese cyclist’s odyssey

He hopes to visit 100 countries and travel 100,000 kilometres before he’s done.

Travel Travel disruptions ahead as Air Zimbabwe repairs its only plane

The maintenance check on the Boeing 767-200ER began last Thursday and is expected to last until June 19.  

Travel It’s 100 years since a single event that changed tourism forever

Inspired by a Daily Mail prize John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown changed travel forever.

Travel London to get world’s first 360-degree rooftop infinity pool

Construction on the five-star hotel and pool could start as early as 2020.

Travel Russia opens the first train to the Arctic

The whole trip will take 11 days and allow passengers to discover areas difficult to access by other means.

Travel US urges SA travellers to apply early for visas

Heavy demand for visas has reportedly led to a longer-than-usual wait time in South Africa. 

Travel Iceland’s tap water is a ‘luxury product’

Instead of drinking bottled water in Iceland, tourists are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle and drink what Iceland’s tourism office says is one of the best tasting tap waters in the world. 

Travel Trump closing Cuba for American travellers

The move is aimed at punishing the island nation.

Travel Facelift helps Morocco’s Old City of Fez lure tourists

Morocco’s “spiritual” capital is bustling with visitors due to major renovations and low-cost flights.

Travel Couple dies of mystery illness in Fiji

The country is working with the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to try to determine what caused the deaths

Travel Lanzerac is officially the best hotel in the winelands

The hotel was honoured at the World Travel Awards: Africa & Indian Ocean.

Travel Death-defying bull riders thrill crowds in popular Aussie sport

The sport was once dubbed the “most dangerous eight seconds in sports” by National Geographic.




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