More than 9 000 people have already said they will attend, while 63 000 others are interested.
Some also denounced the change as ‘unIslamic’ in a society that traditionally sees men as protectors of women.
While this type of entertainment is a first for a British airline, other carriers like Corsair, Garuda Indonesia, and Alaska Airlines have already beat the English firm to the punch.
Thailand is still a relatively inexpensive destination with picture-perfect beaches and world-famous street food.
The airport has since been shut down as SAPS investigate the case.
A Facebook page called Egyptian Historians chided officials for the ‘warped’ restoration.

International Trump confirms interest in buying Greenland

Greenland’s ministry of foreign affairs insisted Friday the island was ready to talk business, but was not for sale.

The British Museum is no longer England’s busiest museum

As far as attractions with entrance fees go, the Tower of London retains top spot.

5 packing hacks that will change how you travel

Whether you have to travel for work, a school trip or a vacation, these packing hacks will change the way you organise items in your luggage.

Motsoaledi waives more visa requirements as tourism visits plummet a further 10%

South Africa on Thursday announced visa waivers for four countries in a bid to boost tourism amid an economic crisis and falling visitor numbers.

South Africa in top 20 best places for tech-free, relaxing holidays

Locations where data was unavailable and those that presented a travel risk based on government warnings were removed from the list.

News South Africa announces visa waivers to boost tourism

South Africa is in talks to extend the visa waiver to Ghana, Cuba and Principe and Sao Tome. 

The average cost of a taxi ride from the airport to city centre in Europe

Taxi rides which don’t break the bank can be found heading out from Eastern Europe’s airports.

Mount Grace Country House & Spa is ideal for a dose of relaxation

The indulgent 90-minute hot stone massage is highly recommended on the award-winning spa menu.

Room with a view: Mecca hotels offer VIP hajj experience

Tour operators offer VIP packages for an ‘exceptional pilgrimage’ with a price tag of several thousand dollars.

WATCH: Tourists save trapped giant turtle

The animal had become stuck between two rocks and would not have been able to get away by itself.

Amnesty International warns that if you travel to the US, you are likely to be shot

The rights group issued a travel advisory on Wednesday cautioning travellers to be extra vigilant.

Clarens: A charming town full of adventure

The town is full of charming stores, featuring stunning art, collectible vintage paraphernalia, and interesting food stuffs.

Tourists banned from sitting on Rome’s Spanish Steps

Transgressors could be fined for everything from sitting to going shirtless and bathing in fountains.

It doesn’t get much better than German beer

Enjoying a schnitzel with a Radeberger beer in Germany is about as close as I’ve come on my travels to ‘It doesn’t get much better than this.’ 




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