A moment of cheer and celebration as KOO celebrates 80 years of spreading joy and everyone is invited.
The finance minister wasn’t happy with the outcome of his pap and pilchards dish recently and we’re here to help him out.
This local twist on a steak burger recipe replaces the traditional bun with roosterkoekies.
This creamy chicken stew recipe on the stovetop is the perfect warmer for colder days, no need for a slow cooker.
If you love sour-style cocktails, this one is for you.
This peppermint crisp tart recipe has the traditional favourites of biscuits and cream.

Lifestyle Yes, this lamb chops recipe will satisfy many meat lovers

Try this lamb chops recipe that plays on potato mash.

Food and Drink Cocktail hour: Strawberry and Limoncello mojitos

Sail through spring with this refreshing drink in hand.

Food and Drink Chef Zanele van Zyl shares her twist on the popular 7 Colours dish

This dish gives the food stylist the opportunity to do what she does best – put her own spin on a classic meal.

Food and Drink Recipe: Frozen yoghurt and fruit bars

Here is a tasty and healthy recipe that the entire family can enjoy!

Food and Drink Recipe: Johnnie Walker Gold Highball cocktail

Fruity iced tea complements the smoky notes of whisky in this elegant cocktail.

Food and Drink Recipe: Put a twist on the classic Cuban cocktail with these apple mojitos

This delicious cocktail recipe is perfect for cooling off during warmer weather.

Food and Drink Booze is back! Say cheers with a Whiskey Sour cocktail

This simple and sophisticated cocktail is a great way to enjoy a fine whiskey.

Food and Drink How to make a smoothie your kids will enjoy

Try this Squish Smoothie Bowl for something yummy.

Food and Drink Butter Chicken Recipe: Sunday lunch sorted

This recipe uses cream and yoghurt making sure your Butter Chicken is curdle free.

Food and Drink SOUP RECIPE: How to make Chicken Soup

With a high of 12 degrees celcius predicted this weekend, here’s an easy recipe for chicken soup. The ingredients such as peppercorns, cloves and chilli really pack in the flavor.

food and drink Quick, easy, no bake Nutella recipe bombs, say no more

This Nutella recipe is so quick and easy, plus you can drop these bombs into warm milk for an amazing hot chocolate.

Food Breakfast idea: How to make milk tart pancakes

Is it a dessert or a breakfast? Either way: here’s how to make milk tart pancakes

Food and Drink This carrot cake recipe is so easy you will make it again

A recipe created by Private Hotel School graduate, Lorenzo Landauer is not only for the carrot cake lovers but soon to be lovers as well, and you won’t be in the kitchen for hours. 

Food and Drink Recipe: Ciroc Summer Tizer cocktail

This is the perfect drink to enjoy after the cold snap.

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