These no-bake bars are just what you need for breakfast on the run or an afternoon sweet treat.
The eatery prides itself on fresh food and bringing out the natural flavours of its dishes.
If you prefer a traditional approach, the Villiera Traditional Brut and Brut Rose certainly hit the right notes.
These four wines are doing their best to make the Elgin valley famous.
A new study has revealed the tiny amount it takes to help prevent nut allergies.
Looking for that perfect recipe, or a new flavor combination that delights the senses?

Get this South African treat right every time.

VIDEO: ‘The Tasting’ episode 3 with Nick Goliath

Can celebs accurately identify an expensive wine in this weekly video series?

Hotel launches an R8600 cup of tea

To brew a pot of tea, expert tea pluckers have hand-picked the tips of the plant shoots at sunrise, when the leaves have been anointed by the sun. 

Nestlé creates new chocolate with no added sugar

The new kind of chocolate will first be launched in Japan in special-variety KitKat bars.

Marble launches new ‘Smoke themed’ cocktail menu

These are just the first in what’s intended to be a series of bespoke cocktail menus at the restaurant.

Sushi ingredient found to be the cause of mystery restaurant fires

The common addition to sushi is said to spontaneously combust.

Recipe: Poached pears with ricotta

A winter treat that combines just enough booze and sweetness, without being heavy.

Recipe: Chilli chocolate pizza

Up the ante of store-bought pizza dough with this delicious dessert.

Recipe: Cheese and jalapeño scones

These savoury scones are a delight and will appeal to everyone.

Recipe: Spicy pilchard stew

A delicious and easy-to-make stew that is perfect as a winter warmer.

Lock, stock and wine barrel: De Wetshof Limestone Hill

The wine has notes of grapefruit and nuts, and is balanced by a nuanced elegance and delicate ripeness.

Lush Lounge restaurant in Ruimsig definitely deserves an encore

From crystal glasses and unmatched design to fine cuisine, this new arrival is definitely in my top 10 list of places.

Would you drink beer made out of Cocopops?

Cereal giant Kellogs has commissioned a brewery to begin making beers out of their cereals.

A single bunch of grapes sells for R154 000

The grapes are only grown in Japan.




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