The menu can’t be captured in words, simply because the choices are vast.
The researcher believes alcohol will not exist in its current form by 2050.
This dish is absolute comfort food and is even more enjoyable when paired with a glass of wine.
The ultimate comfort dish this winter. Pair with a glass of Delheim Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2017.
Monya Kilian Palmer’s blog Mud & Love is regarded as one of the finest culinary blogs in the UK.
Not your plain old traditional chicken pie here.

food and drink Recipe: Thai curry mussel soup

This luxuriously tasty dish is full of exotic flavours.

food and drink Lock, stock and wine barrel: Joburg MCC & Champagne Festival

If you don’t know how South African MCC has risen to the top, don’t miss the festival.

food and drink ‘Champagne, darling’: Try Queen B’s bubbly

The MCCs, which will exclusively be available at Woolworths stores, are merely the beginning for House of BNG.

food and drink Recipe: North African carrots and beetroot with hummus

This recipe has been an evolving dish at VDL. The chef loves spices from Africa and tends to cook with them often.

food and drink Study reveals music alters the flavour of cheese

Cheeses were forced to ‘listen’ to a variety of different songs on loop.

food and drink Recipe: Pork chops with Dijon pomme purée

Pork chops served with a luxurious mash. The chops are brined for extra succulence.

food and drink Recipe: Fynbos plums with sherry sabayon

Sabayon is the French version of Italian zabaglione, a creamy custard. Served as a sauce, it’s delicious when poured over fruit.

food and drink Lock, stock and wine barrel: Kleine Zalze

Made in cooler climates, both the Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are considered winter wines.

food and drink Experience casual eating in a fine dining atmosphere at Van Der Linde

The menus are a reflection of the chef’s love for heavy-punch flavours, the kind you get in north Africa or India.

food and drink Recipe: Cookies and cream cocktail

With a toasted marshmallow on top and a generous sprinkling of cookies, this cocktail is pure decadence.

food and drink Italy in uproar over fake Balsamic vinegar

Unknowing companies were sold inferior products backed up by fake quality certificates.

food and drink Recipe: One pot chicken pie

Take weeknight dinners to the next level with this simple and delicious dish.

food and drink Ed Sheeran to open restaurant and music bar in London

This is the singer’s first venture into the restaurant business.

food and drink Recipe: Passion fruit and white hot chocolate

A tangy, creamy and yummy dessert you can eat or drink.




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