This dish takes SA’s favourite snack and transforms it into haute cuisine, with budget-conscious flair.
This simple recipe is easily adaptable, creamy and the perfect treat in-front of the TV after dinner.
Potstill brandy adds a delightfully sweet depth of flavour to the egg drink with the zing of alcohol.
Simply changing a few ingredients can make your meals significantly better for you.
Regularly working 11-hour shifts is by no means easy, but the ambitious chef says the hard work is worth it.
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Celebrity chef wins title for ‘World’s best cookbook’

The book features numerous traditional Irish recipes.

Wimbledon serves up strawberries and vegan cream

The All England Club is dishing up lashings of the alternative topping — as well as beetroot quinoa burgers — as ever-increasing numbers of people bring vegan options into their diet.

Italy’s Prosecco hills join UNESCO World Heritage list

The Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, where the grapes that produce the famous prosecco sparking wine are grown, got the green light at a meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in Baku.

Cape Town chef heads to France

Back in 2016, the 19-year-old Booi enjoyed cooking but did not really know much about being a chef.

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Can celebs accurately identify an expensive wine in this new weekly video series?

Gugulethu chef off to France to perfect art of pastries

Siyabulela Booi, who is in his last year of a three-year diploma course at the South African’s Chefs Academy, was awarded a six-week bursary to study in France. 

12 foods you should never store in the fridge

Storing bread in the fridge will cause it to dry out and become stale much more quickly.

Nine million litres of Jim Beam catches fire

45 000 barrels of the bourbon in a warehouse have gone up in smoke.

From a lake high in Madagascar, Africa’s own caviar

The business is an unlikely project in a country beset by grinding poverty, but its owners are determined that luxury foods can play a part in improving Madagascar’s economy.

5 powerful food combos for weight loss

If you’re making a meal that includes minced beef, swap out half of the meat for mushrooms to reduce the calories.

Take your winter stew to the next level

These simple tips will quickly have you creating restaurant quality stews.

Robots may soon take the place of all waiters

Chinese service robots are finding their way into restaurants worldwide.

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