To keep up with demand for his whipped delights his daughter cracks 1,000 eggs every morning to be beaten by machine throughout the day.
Before serving, whip cream until it just holds its shape.
This lovely tart is hearty and flavourful, thanks to all its canned ingredients.
Reasons to opt for vegan wines include carbon footprint reduction and the protection of animals.
With a combination of pulses and canned veggies, this salad is perfect for spring.
The leg can be cut into smaller roasting joints, or thinly sliced to make steaks or schnitzels.

Four surprising facts about chocolate cake

In the spirit of the deliciously indulgent, let’s take a look at some things that make chocolate cakes, simply put, wonderful.

10 natural antibiotics that fight infections

People are turning to natural antibiotics to fight milder infections and limit the spread of bugs that have become resistant to prescription antibiotics.

WATCH: Rats a cheap street snack in Cambodia

Despite the snack’s enduring appeal, many people remain squeamish.  

Recipe: Crunchy fruit sundae

This simple but decadent dessert is sure to impress at the dinner table.

Recipe: Spanish hash

A quick and easy recipe that the whole family will enjoy.

6 high-protein vegetables to add to your diet

Pumpkin seeds are a brilliant little protein-rich snack. Include them in your morning porridge or in a smoothie.

Recipe: Breakfast frittata

This healthy and filling dish is packed full of Mexican flavours.

Lock, stock and wine barrel: The search for SA’s best sommelier is on

The competition is open to all nationalities as long as entrants reside and are employed in SA.

The Codfather restaurant serves some of the best seafood in town

The restaurant has became one of the top culinary destinations for both families and business people alike.

The SA CEO who is changing the way we eat

Outcast foods is vegan, gluten free, activated and as easy to make as getting a takeaway.

Recipe: Chateaubriand steak

One of the finest cuts you’ll find on a French menu, Chateaubriand is delicious, elegant, and surprisingly simple to prepare at home.

Recipe: Poached fennel mussels with charcoal ciabatta

This recipe calls for loads of fresh fennel and a dash of cream, and can be decadently lapped up with helpings of the charcoal ciabatta.

Recipe: Herbed mielies

A classic South African side dish with a new twist.

The best places to eat in the Free state

The Free State excels in wholesome meals in generous portions and you would do well to stop at any of these restaurants next time you are in town.




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