The ability of buns to fool breathalysers is no excuse for driving drunk.
Consumers have been inundating the retailer with requests for its hot cross bun recipe.
Guests should arrive expecting dishes such as crispy pork belly, roasts, and chick pea-and-lentil salad.
The R399 price of this 750ml collectable is well worth it.
There is a simple explanation for the viral video and no, it isn’t a conspiracy theory.
Beer and chocolate is the perfect decadent combination this Easter.

food and drink Recipe: Cape Malay pickled fish

Spoil your family with this delicious Cape Malay pickled fish dish served with warm bread, rice or veggies.

food and drink Five plants you need to add to your garden

Easy to grow, and bundled with uses, these plants make an excellent addition to any garden.

food and drink Recipe: Sugarbird Fynbos fruity treat

The floral and citrus flavours of this drink would be best paired with a fragrant fish dish.

food and drink Recipe: Flourless chocolate cake

The dark chocolatey undertones of Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Infused match well with this decadent cocoa-based dessert.

food and drink Lock, stock and wine barrel: Vriesenhof Chardonnay

The fact that the wine is so different from previous vintages makes it a worthwhile addition on your list.

food and drink Chef Chantel Dartnall flies SA flag in China

Hong Kong has come alive with a celebration of South African wine and culinary arts.

Playtime Sustainable fishing still popular on Bistro Sixteen82’s winter menu

Everyone from the fisheries to the guests has been able to benefit over the past year.

food and drink Gordon Ramsay accused of cultural appropriation

His new ‘authentic Asian’ restaurant has been called a real-life kitchen nightmare.

food and drink 5 veggies you need to add to your diet

Sweet potato is a great substitute vegetable, as it can take the place of regular potatoes.

food and drink Delheim’s latest vintage will please the fans

Winemaker Roelof Lotriet speaks to us about his latest Cab/Shiraz blend.

food and drink 5 healthy snacks for those late-night munchies

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combination of flavours, so why not try them together as a snack combo?

food and drink Enjoy good food, wine and art at the Winter Sculpture Fair

The event is perfect for Mother’s Day weekend and opens from 10am to 5pm.

food and drink Recipe: Portuguese fish stew

This flavourful stew is loaded with clams, mussels and cod as well as a smoky, spicy Portuguese sausage.

food and drink Recipe: Salt & pepper maca drinking chocolate

The maca gives this chocolate drink a subtle caramel undertone, while the black pepper adds a spicy umami flavour.




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