When we hear the word addiction, our minds tend to think of drugs and alcohol.
It isn’t only processed food and drink that can ruin your weekend.
Panna cotta is usually prepared as a dessert but this recipe calls for the savoury delicate flavours of asparagus and lightly smoked trout.
Restaurant Mosiac was named the highest-ranking restaurant in SA at the La Liste World Restaurant Awards.
This dish calls for a bunch of friends and a couple of bottles of Cathedral Cellar Shiraz.
‘Pak Nasser’s nas lemak’, a typical Indonesian dish served by the airline, will be on the menu of the new Malaysian restaurant.

RECIPE: 4 different ways to try the new CRUZ Manhattan Blossom

CRUZ Manhattan Blossom is the new variant of the award-winning New York brand CRUZ Vintage Black Vodka.

Recipe: Brussels sprouts with walnuts and pomegranate

Recipe: Brussels sprouts with walnuts and pomegranate

Roasting brussels sprouts brings out their nutty sweetness and keeps them crisp-crunchy around the edges.

A (scientific) defence of the Brussels sprout

The problem has not been the sprout itself, but the cooking method.

WATCH: The best diets of 2019

As the year starts to wind down, researchers compiled the best overall diets of 2019.

Recipe: Kung Pao chicken

This sweet, savoury yet tangy Kung Pao Chicken is for the ones who have a special liking for all things hot and fiery!.

Sandton Sun’s new pastry chef is the queen of confectionery creations

Bogatsu loves many things about being a pastry chef, including the opportunity to be artistic.

Lock, stock and wine barrel: How to store opened wine

Leaving wine on the counter or exposed to sunlight makes it turn acidy quicker.

Four Cîroc cocktails your guests will love

These deliciously festive Cîroc-based drinks will be the talking point of your December soirees. Enjoy responsibly. Not For Persons Under The Age of 18.

Salt in our foods: how good or bad is it?

We all know that salt brings out the best in food. It is the one seasoning that can boost the flavour factor of any dish, in just small pinches.

Five food safety myths busted

Adding oil to foods will not necessarily kill bugs lurking in your food.

The best ways to cook insects

Free of hormones, home grown, organic and free range; insects should be high on any health fanatic’s diet list.

World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guide

The ranking could be described as a list that captures the zeitgeist of contemporary gastronomy.

Recipe: Tall Ships pina colada

Celebrate summer with this indulgent cocktail.




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