Brazilian and American researchers have confirmed the popular belief that stress and anxiety cause grey hair.
An analysis has indicated that having irregular meal times over the weekend is linked to significant increases in BMI.
In honour of World AIDS day on 1 December, we review the phenomenon of PrEP failure.
The study found that nicotine and carbon monoxide, both present in cigarettes, can decrease oxygen levels.
The playlist comprises several upbeat tracks that will suit a fast-paced workout, ranging from rap and hip hop to R&B and AfroWave.
Have a realistic plan of action for your fitness journey
Rome wasn’t built in one day.
Cognitive behavioural therapy strategies to help people lose weight

Cognitive behavioural therapy strategies to help people lose weight

It is essential to focus not just on behaviour, but also on your perception of your ability to make the changes you want.

Early menopause increases health risks after 60, study reveals

The study does not show that premature menopause causes the development of multimorbidity, only that there is a strong correlation.

Sepsis linked to 1-in-5 deaths worldwide – study

The most common underlying cause has consistently been lower respiratory infection.

Scientists find powerhouses that fight tumours from within

There are still many unanswered questions, including why the structures form in some tumours and not others.

What is a stroke? Symptoms and risk factors

A stroke happens when the blood flow to a part of the brain is cut off.

How to protect yourself from gym germs

Fitness centers are full of germs and bacteria because of the warm and sweaty environment. Here are a few simple ways to avoid gym germs.

Five health and wellness books to look out for in 2020

If you’re thinking of going vegan this year, then the duo behind BOSH! have got you covered with their latest book release.

Sex delays menopause, study finds

All the relationships reported were heterosexual, so it is not known whether same-sex activity would have a similar effect.

Most women who have had an abortion don’t regret it, study shows

Five years after having an abortion, relief was the dominant emotion reported by more than 95% of the participants in a new study.

Men can help women deal with their PMS

Following therapy sessions, women report they are less likely to “lose control” when expressing their feelings during times of PMS.

WATCH: Weight loss tricks that work

Losing weight is never easy but sticking to long term lifestyle changes can help shift the pounds.

Suffering from burnout could increase the risk of atrial fibrillation

The researchers say more research is needed to investigate why burnout could contribute to a risk of AF.

A low-fat diet appears to be linked to lower testosterone levels in men

The researchers note that for men diagnosed with testosterone deficiency, losing weight can help increase testosterone levels.

The three Ws to achieve your fitness goals

The three Ws to achieve your fitness goals

The day your kids start school could be a good day to start your health and fitness journey.




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