Ebola, which spreads among humans through contact with bodily fluids, is one of the most virulent tropical hemorrhagic fevers, often killing within days of infection. 
“Classic chemotherapy was awful… but with this treatment, I feel hope,” says French pensioner Jacques Braud
Water doesn’t make you lose weight in some magical way. It just has no calories, so it’s a good substitute for other drinks.
Counterfeit medicine is a “growing threat”, causing serious illness or even death and costing the pharmaceutical industry billions every year, according to a study published Wednesday.
People worldwide could be ingesting five grammes of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card, researchers said Wednesday.
Trying to convince someone to change their sexuality makes them three times more likely to commit suicide.

Fitness and health People do have a ‘type’ when looking for partners – study

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that people did indeed appear to look for relationships with the same type of person again and again.

Pre-Schooler Being active even at age three will boost your heart for life

Doing more intense physical activity also appeared to bring bigger benefits.

Fitness and health Insufficient fruit and veg consumption can give you a heart attack

The new study looked at data collected from 266 surveys which included 1,630,069 individuals from 113 of 187 countries.

Fitness and health The surprising benefits of exercising in winter

Many people catch a wake up on spring day when the layers need to come off and the lighter clothes are feeling a little snug.

Fitness and health Study links a lack of sleep linked to worse mental health

The new study looked at data gathered from 110,496 college students, including 8,462 varsity athletes.

Fitness and health OPINION: When death is a meal pass

Funerals attract exactly the kind of people who will say and do anything for a free meal.

Fitness and health Caring for others can lead to ‘compassion fatigue’

‘It can take hold in any person who looks after others who are in pain or suffering’

Fitness and health The case for foetal-tissue research is overwhelming

Yet Trump’s government is making moves to ban it.

Fitness and health Why you must say something if a relative exhibits signs of Alzheimer’s

Bringing up cognitive decline with a loved one can be so fraught with pain, embarrassment and denial that many are reluctant to broach the topic until far into dementia’s progression.

Fitness and health Scientists seek out limit to human endurance

When it comes to pushing one’s body to the limit, humans run circles around monkeys.

Fitness and health Why healthy living is hard for young women in Soweto

Young women have identified barriers to healthy eating and exercise, with many saying they are afraid to exercise on the streets because they feared being assaulted or harassed.

Fitness and health Social stress from phones is affecting learners – Study

“I definitely feel stress with online profiles, social media, to keep up, maintain my profiles and stuff,” said Emily Mogavero, a 17-year-old student.

Fitness and health Ultimate limit of human endurance found

US scientists who studied the performance of myriad athletes — including adventurous souls who spent five long months running across the United States — have come up with an estimate of the absolute physiological boundary of human endurance.

Fitness and health STDs spreading at alarming rate in era of dating apps

Correct condom use was one of the most effective methods for protecting against STI transmission.




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