The Sharemax rescue vehicle is to be investigated for possible transgressions of tax legislation and the Companies Act.
Tito’s challenging budget speech
The minister has a tough task of identifying which expenditures to cut to ensure economic growth, economists say.
Prasa chases billions in court while launching ‘modernisation’ plan
Prasa, which at the 11th hour enlisted the services of law firm Werksmans, wants to recover billions said to have been illegally paid to Siyangena.
Solidarity slams labour dept over choc factory ‘quotas’
The department ruled that a Gauteng chocolate factory had employed too many black females at one level of the company.
This after allegations of misconduct and discovery of a serious contravention of their internal policy.
You don’t have to be a neat freak to find the constant sight of files, folders, paper, stationery and even personal items extremely distracting.

Business News Trump says SA is ‘rich’. He has a point

Surely there are more than just ‘developed’ or ‘developing’ economy categories?

Business News Low-hanging fruit for Sars to harvest

Mounting evidence of ill-gotten gains surely makes applying the law the easiest way to boost revenue collections.

Personal Finance This is what long-term investing looks like

Investing for the long-term means committing to a genuinely extended strategy.

Business News SA farmers set for a good year

Bigger maize harvest could help contain food price inflation at around 4% locally – while the door to exporting to Zimbabwe has opened.

Personal Finance Top tax tips to remember

There are ways to avoid frustration, delays, penalties, or overpaying on your tax.

Tighten your belts, VAT is set to rise again

Business News Tighten your belts, VAT is set to rise again

The poor will be hardest hit as experts predict value-added tax will rise to 16%. The move will swell state coffers with an extra R25 billion.

Business News Govt pension fund: It would be wrong to dismiss Eskom bailout proposal without all the facts

The GEPF’s principal executive officer says: ‘It is a fact we have not been approached … we cannot say anything else besides [that] we have not been approached.’

Business News Capitec holds most fees steady after last year’s cuts

However, there are substantial increases in the costs to withdraw cash across all channels.

Business News Tax and other huge spin-offs for SA can be had from hemp

The value of hemp products (food, body products, clothing, building materials and car parts) in the US amounted to $820 million (R12.3 billion) in 2017.

Business Dealers cry foul as you will soon be able to service your car anywhere

Vehicle manufacturers have reacted with outrage to draft guidelines published by Competition Commission.

Business News Costs keep rising as load shedding makes battery theft easy – telecom firms

The constant outages have a direct impact on the performance of the batteries.

Business News Chris Griffith resigns as Amplats CEO

The group said his successor, who is expected to be an internal candidate from within the Anglo American group, will be announced in the near future.

Business News Busting the myth that SAA is ‘necessary’ for tourism

What is not in question is the critical role tourism plays in our economy. SAA’s role in that, however, is not as vital as government makes it out to be.



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