Parents are already looking at their empty wallets and wondering how they will afford anything in 2021 and now they still have to buy school uniforms.
There have been many investors who have not followed the above and have done well, but there are many that have lost more than they have made, and the markets have become a casino where the house has won.
She married in community of property and is now getting divorced.
To achieve a new year’s resolution of becoming a homeowner in 2021, Goslett recommends that buyers develop a strict financial plan for the new year.
The Competition Commission investigated anti-competitive behaviour at schools in 2017 and found that the majority of schools did not have exclusive agreements with uniform suppliers.
Those lucky enough to receive a year-end bonus should be even more careful about how they spend it. Jaco Prinsloo from Alexander Forbes has some advice.

Personal Finance Exchanging Christmas gifts: These are your rights

Remember: you do not have the right to exchange something for the simple reason that you do not like it. You can only depend on the goodwill of the store to exchange a Christmas gift you do not like.

Personal Finance Have a prudent Christmas and a better 2021

If you spend without a proper budget during the festive season, you could end up applying for credit to get through January.

Personal Finance Insurers will cover curfew accidents

A spokesperson for Telesure Investment Holdings said that each claim would be assessed on its own merit, as driving during curfew would not in itself be a reason to reject a claim.

Your bank and other creditors must stick to the rules of early festive debit orders

Personal Finance Your bank and other creditors must stick to the rules of early festive debit orders

Credit providers need your express permission if they want to move their debit orders forward, and if they don’t stick to the credit agreement, you can report their conduct to their regulatory body.

Personal Finance Be your own first line of defence against scammers

‘Compromising your personal information can create opportunities for criminals to impersonate you but does not guarantee access to your banking profile or accounts. However, criminals can use this information to trick you,’ SA Banking Risk Information Centre’s Nischal Mewalall said recently.

Personal Finance Absa probing employee suspected of stealing clients’ data

Absa is investigating how one of its employees allegedly managed to unlawfully make selected customer data available to a small number of external parties in the second data leak this year.

Personal Finance Black Friday moves online in the ‘new normal’

On Black Friday 2020 there were no fist fights about toilet paper and most websites, where consumers now do their shopping after getting used to it during lockdown, did not crash this year. While some consumers declared on social media that the specials were not up to scratch, the stacked trolleys at some stores told a different story.

Personal Finance Black Friday: Online shoppers warned not to make instant EFT payments

Financial authorities said they do not support this practice as it exposes consumers to several risks, like compromising their access credentials.

Personal Finance FNB tightens digital security for shoppers ahead of Black Friday

South African consumers have always been wary of online shopping because they did not feel safe divulging their confidential banking information online.

Personal Finance Go into Black Friday 2020 well-prepared, be wary of making more debt

‘Used responsibly, credit can help people afford items they might not otherwise be able to buy, but it is essential that consumers only spend what they can afford to repay,’ says Lee Naik.

Personal Finance Finally, compensation for Kuga owners whose cars went up in flames

According to the NCC it engaged with 76 consumers during the mediation period and resolved 53 of them. Three claims were rejected as the losses didn’t fall within the parameters of the settlement agreement.

Consumers warned of overspending on Black Friday, but will they listen?

Personal Finance Consumers warned of overspending on Black Friday, but will they listen?

Although consumers were warned about overspending often, a recent survey by Debt Rescue showed that these appeals more often fell on deaf ears.

Personal Finance What if your employer does not pay your bonus or 13th cheque this year?

We have all suffered financially this year, with many people having to make do with a reduced salary while some were retrenched. For those of us still lucky enough to have a job, that bonus or 13th cheque is a prick of light in the darkness that is 2020. But what if your employer says no bonus or 13th cheque this year?

Personal Finance WhatsApp calls: this is why you’re struggling

People like to use WhatsApp calls because they are cheaper than normal voice calls, but they are increasingly finding that the people on the other end cannot hear them. Is there something wrong with WhatsApp?

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