40% of consumers only have enough savings to last a month.
Hold off buying a house until at least 2021, says analyst as prices plummet
He also said as a last resort, selling one’s property now rather than in two years’ time was an option to consider.
There is a set transaction fee of R19.95 for this service, irrespective of the amount deposited.
National Stokvel Association of South Africa’s Andrew Lukhele warned that there are no rules governing WhatsApp operations and this increases one’s risk of losing large sums of money.
What are the options around the current situation with Covid-19 and your life insurance? We try to unpack the small print.
It seems companies tend to cater to higher-income families, individuals or entities.

Personal Finance How to know when to sell your property

Selling a home can be an opportunity to improve your lifestyle and start fresh.

Personal Finance Covid-19 salary cuts will affect your tax – here’s how

The less you earn, the bigger your tax ‘saving’.

Personal Finance How to spot an investment scam

Here are steps you can take to verify any potential investment.

Personal Finance Understanding the costs involved in buying a property

There are a number of layers of costs involved, with most of them being for the buyer’s account.

Personal Finance Tax season changes taxpayers should take note of

Taxpayers who aren’t sure whether their auto-assessed tax return is accurate should get advice from a registered tax practitioner.

Personal Finance New wave of evictions as government fights back – LFN

As people lose their jobs or have to take a cut in pay, they are unable to pay their rents and mortgage bonds, says the Liberty Fighters Network (LFN).

Personal Finance Give your kids a university education for just R500 a month

It sounds impossible, but there is actually a way to do it if you start early and make some smart choices.

Personal Finance How to invest in the things you believe in

You just need to figure out which approach best suits your financial and sustainability goals.

Personal Finance Increasing number of people struggling with car instalments 

Up to the end of May, WesBank had provided assistance to more than 66,000 customers.

Personal Finance Five steps to investing offshore

Taking your money offshore is a multi-step, administratively intense process.

Personal Finance Should I withdraw my investments to invest in RSA retail savings bonds?

You may find that your asset allocation in your current unit trust is appropriate to support your long-term needs.

Personal Finance How do I finance a property I technically own?

A secured loan may be the option for you.

Is investing in a rental property still a good idea?

Personal Finance Is investing in a rental property still a good idea?

To determine whether an investment in rental is still a good investment will depend on your personal circumstances.

Business Debt counsellor’s advice to avoid being blacklisted

Be honest and build a good relationship with your credit provider.



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