The party believes the country should be getting funding wherever it can, especially if it is at the very low-interest rates that global financial institutions are now offering.
The People’s Dialogue founder has slammed the tripartite alliance for trying to prevent the finance minister from turning to the World Bank and IMF for a bailout.
A commercial farmers’ union says they are still being relied on to feed the 70% of people living urban lives, but have been left to fight farm attacks and the coronavirus on their own.
Covid-19 has made forecasting ‘nightmarish’, concedes Reserve Bank governor Lesetja Kganyago.
Reserve Bank’s Prudential Authority steps in with further regulatory relief for SA’s financial sector and broader economy.
Strict regulations have been imposed during the 21-day lockdown, aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Reserve Bank forsees possible 2% shrink in the economy due to coronavirus

Breaking News Reserve Bank forsees possible 2% shrink in the economy due to coronavirus

The Reserve Bank projects the lockdown period can result in a 2.6% contraction of GDP from the production side of the economy.

Business News How to order essential items for ‘contactless delivery’ on Uber Eats

In an attempt to limit contact between people, the food delivery service will only accept payment by debit or credit card.

Business News How farmers can apply for share of R1.2bn in Covid-19 disaster relief

Female farmers will be prioritised and those who already receive government support will be excluded from the programme. 

Business Denel to assist in building medical ventilators for Covid-19 patients

The company was also looking at re-purposing its Casspir, a highly versatile vehicle used extensively in conflict zones, and convert it into field ambulances.

Business News Companies scramble to postpone, cancel dividends

But the real impact will be seen later this year.

Business News Businesses that are winning during lockdown

Netflix, of course. Also teleconferencing provider Zoom, toilet paper makers – and gold.

Business News Ban on cigarette sales ‘to cost govt over R1bn a month’

The Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) urged the government to reconsider the nationwide ban on the sale of cigarettes.

Business News UPDATE: Fitch downgrades SA even more, rand continues slide

The rand reached a record low of R19.03 against the US dollar on Friday.

Business News Corona beer halts brewing over coronavirus

Since the start of the virus crisis, Corona beer has been the punchline of jokes and memes, and an online rumour said sales in the US dropped by about 40% after the outbreak.

Kumba explains why they aren’t shutting operations

Business News Kumba explains why they aren’t shutting operations

The iron ore producer said it had been given special clearance and they would continue mining with a reduced workforce in order to reduce the chances of transmission of the coronavirus.

Business Cargo ships, airfreight, port regulations relaxed for delivery of essential goods

Ebrahim Patel says this will prevent ports from clogging up and allow essential goods to reach South Africans.

Business News Vodacom/Discovery partnership to allow free online Covid-19 screenings

New facility enables people to understand their risk and consult a virtual healthcare professional for evaluation and advice.

Business News Lockdown conundrum for auditors

Legislation does not allow for a delayed audit.

Business News How much Maria Ramos got paid on leaving Absa

Aside from Ramos, five executive directors and prescribed officers of the group were awarded total remuneration of R116m in 2019.



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