In October, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced yet another bailout for the national carrier while Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan emphasised that the airline was too important to be allowed to fail.
Ntshavheni said the focus of the programme was to support enterprises based in townships and rural areas.
Electric vehicles are a key component of China’s efforts to slash climate-warming greenhouse gases and improve urban air quality, and India is also setting ambitious 2030 vehicle sales targets.
Omnia shares buoyant
Shareholders can expect a good dividend at year-end.
Stark stats about SA’s debt
Part of this would be accounted for by the repayment holidays extended by the banks at the start of the lockdown in March this year.
Clampdown on graft
‘If the board and executive committee are not walking the walk, people will follow them.’
SA plans to spend R5bn on Covid-19 vaccines, Mboweni reveals

Business News SA plans to spend R5bn on Covid-19 vaccines, Mboweni reveals

Mboweni did not specifically mention the international Covid-19 consortium that South Africa is participating in.

Business News Consumers must brace for higher December meat prices

Gerhard Schutte, CEO of the Red Meat Producers’ Organisation, said stronger beef, lamb and mutton prices were ‘good news for producers’.

Exchange controls notice halted

Business News Exchange controls notice halted

The review is ‘limited to providing clarification on the scope of changes to the announcement related to the reclassification of inward-listed instruments’.

Business News Armed gangs loot SA gold smelters

Among several incidents described as ‘audacious armed robberies’, in March a gang of 20 armed men stormed a gold plant 140km west of Johannesburg.

Business News Burning trucks is ‘economic sabotage’, says economist

The new modus operandi is to throw petrol bombs from bridges onto trucks, as most of the burning trucks are found near bridges.

No let-up in home rental price slide

Business News No let-up in home rental price slide

In real terms, rents are down by an average of 1.2% in the first nine months of this year.

Business News SA economy ‘moves into dark hole’

Independent political analyst Ralph Mathekga said rating agencies were worried about the pace of South African reforms – particularly the ballooning public sector wage bill.

Business News South African suburbs with the lowest rent

The key economic source of pressure on the rental market has been attributed to the long-term stagnation of growth in the South African economy.

Regulating crypto trade

Business News Regulating crypto trade

This includes asset exchanges and platforms, brokers and advisors.

Business News SABC protest ‘a success’, says union after meeting request to discuss Section 189 notices

The union has encouraged CWU members and SABC employees to continue to embark on industrial action ‘until our demands are met.’

Africa Nigeria’s economy slips into recession

Nigeria’s economy was last in recession in 2016, its first in more than two decades. While it emerged in 2017, growth since then has been sluggish.

Business News Fitch and Moody’s downgrade South Africa amid pandemic struggles

The government forecasts GDP to shrink 7.2 percent this year overall.

Licencing backlog puts brakes on reviving car trade

Business News Licencing backlog puts brakes on reviving car trade

A quick fix for the minister of transport, who calls himself Mr Fixit, is to extend expired licences, but instead he announced other measures that will not speed up the process.

Business News Mr Fixit needs to fix this: NADA’s open letter to Mbalula about license delays

The vehicle sales industry in South Africa can help to restart the economy, but its efforts are severely hampered by the major delays in the transport department to license drivers and cars.

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