Government seems oblivious to the dangers of letting the genie out of the bottle with its continued sales ban on tobacco products.
On Wednesday the Steinhoff share price slumped almost 7% to 95c.
It has already quietly offloaded R1 billion in Capitec shares … why?
First, approach the IMF for funding, then tear down the walls holding investment out.
Banks, landlords, insurers (who are landlords) in the queue.
It took SA five years to recover from the 2008 recession and the country can’t afford another million job losses.

Analysis & Profiles Medical aid payment holidays: Are they a good idea?

The Medical Schemes Act has made a provision for schemes to put some money aside as reserves to cushion the blow: Dr Katlego Mothudi, MD of the BHF.

Analysis & Profiles Heather Sonn’s resignation may have been ‘a way out’

Steinhoff’s former chair was vital in overseeing efforts to unravel suspect dealings in the scandal-hit group.

Analysis & Profiles A third of residential tenants won’t pay full rent this year

Using 2009 as a guide, how bad can it get for landlords?

Analysis & Profiles Decoding the Draft Disaster Management Tax Relief Bill

The changes have already come into effect and run until the end of July.

Analysis & Profiles PAC: Why government should cut interest rates to zero and increase spending

Cutting interest rates and increasing government spending must be an immediate plan, and giving the poor money in exchange for productive labour at the end of the virus could provide real temporary relief.

Analysis & Profiles Why a one-size-fits-all approach to Covid-19 could have lethal consequences

Failure to recognise that one size does not fit all could have lethal consequences in this region, maybe even more lethal than those of the virus itself.

Analysis & Profiles SA is using poor people’s money to reward rich bunglers hiding behind BEE

Never will government mention we have one of the largest financial holdings in the world and that black people own over two-thirds of it, as this will not suit the BEE narrative.

Analysis & Profiles Can the state employee pension fund survive a R254bn knock?

Proposed Eskom bailout amounts to a massive 14% haircut and a tacit admission that government has no money left.

Analysis & Profiles Why do small businesses have a higher chance of failing?

Without understanding your financials, you do not understand your business and therefore you are far more likely to fail.

Analysis & Profiles What SAA being in business rescue really means

Distress is normally identified when a company is no longer profitable, when it’s not a going concern anymore, when it has major problems.

SAA: Why waste time arguing over a dying horse before shooting it in the head?

Analysis & Profiles SAA: Why waste time arguing over a dying horse before shooting it in the head?

Pilots at SAA have it real good, it seems. So good that they play a massively disproportionate role in the company’s costs. The only way to end it is to kill off the airline.

Analysis & Profiles Why Mabuza struggled to define the 4th industrial revolution

He is not alone, and it’s not a simple laughing matter.

Expect bad news in Mboweni’s mid-term budget, warns expert

Analysis & Profiles Expect bad news in Mboweni’s mid-term budget, warns expert

Meanwhile, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) warned Mboweni against continuing with his ‘anti-worker’ public posture.

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