Sanlam’s chief executive to get R161m
Some estimate over R100. If so, it would mean Hanratty is in line for a R300 million award.
Pensioners are battling too, with some having to start working again due to low-interest rates and rent loss by commercial property owners impacting on their pensions. Experts also warn that people, who want to retire now, should rather wait a year or two if they can.
The expansion comprises another 150km of rail and a further 19 stations.
Gordhan’s bid for SAA questioned
Government committed to ‘mobilise’ the funding, but this has not yet materialised, despite the best efforts of the BRPs.
The minister said South Africa supports and was committed to the Technical Cooperation Programme.
Are your investments safe in SA? Some things to consider when going offshore
There is a very real concern that our fiscal and monetary policy may deteriorate along with the likes of our state-owned enterprises.
Domestic workers’ ‘slave wages’ pose malnutrition risk
Reduced working hours forced a large part of the survey’s respondents to cut down on food spending, leading to a severe risk of malnutrition in children.
Is Discovery’s R3.4bn Covid-19 provision enough?
In mid-June, it warned that it would book an approximate R3.3 billion charge as a reserve for “the potential claims and lapse impact of Covid-19 that are projected to emerge in future periods”.
Many of its members have however expressed dissatisfaction with the fund, with some not receiving payments for such claims dating far back as March 2020.
General manager of Fairmont Zimbali and Resort Wayne Krambeck said they faced unprecedented situation despite having huge growth between November 2019 into March 2020. 
‘Fear factor’ tourism’s biggest stumbling block
Tsogo Sun has put all of its staff on severe salary cuts and has avoided lay offs.
The UK High Court’s recent clarification, that the Covid-19 pandemic and the government lockdown and public response were a single cause of the covered loss, is a positive development for South African claimants.
With significant economic uncertainty, retrenchments and Covid-19-related salary cuts, medical aid scheme members are holding their breath to hear what the tariff increases for 2021 are going to be.
Lockdown leads to data boom
Increase in sales did not necessarily lead to big increases in overall earnings.

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