Moody’s Investors Service has now also taken rating action on seven South African local governments and two government-related issuers (GRIs).
For many customers, this Black Friday will be a digital one and considerations such as the safest way to shop online, finding the best deals from the comfort of their homes and maximising their online spend, will be high on their priority list.
South African consumers have always been wary of online shopping because they did not feel safe divulging their confidential banking information online.
‘Used responsibly, credit can help people afford items they might not otherwise be able to buy, but it is essential that consumers only spend what they can afford to repay,’ says Lee Naik.
Omnia shares buoyant
Shareholders can expect a good dividend at year-end.
Stark stats about SA’s debt
Part of this would be accounted for by the repayment holidays extended by the banks at the start of the lockdown in March this year.
According to the NCC it engaged with 76 consumers during the mediation period and resolved 53 of them. Three claims were rejected as the losses didn’t fall within the parameters of the settlement agreement.
SA plans to spend R5bn on Covid-19 vaccines, Mboweni reveals
Mboweni did not specifically mention the international Covid-19 consortium that South Africa is participating in.
Exchange controls notice halted
The review is ‘limited to providing clarification on the scope of changes to the announcement related to the reclassification of inward-listed instruments’.
The new modus operandi is to throw petrol bombs from bridges onto trucks, as most of the burning trucks are found near bridges.
No let-up in home rental price slide
In real terms, rents are down by an average of 1.2% in the first nine months of this year.
Consumers warned of overspending on Black Friday, but will they listen?
Although consumers were warned about overspending often, a recent survey by Debt Rescue showed that these appeals more often fell on deaf ears.
We have all suffered financially this year, with many people having to make do with a reduced salary while some were retrenched. For those of us still lucky enough to have a job, that bonus or 13th cheque is a prick of light in the darkness that is 2020. But what if your employer says no bonus or 13th cheque this year?
A surprising finding is that almost half (45%) of online shoppers have never returned a product bought online.

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