Cash-strapped Denel must dig deep to pay salaries
Denel’s financial woes make it unlikely that salaries will be paid by Friday, considering they need at least R370 million every month in working capital to keep operations running, but have R866 million in debts.
JSE reported a 22% increase in net profit after tax to R485-million, while total revenue increased 22% to R1.32-billion.
The stores were located at the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton City, Canal Walk in Cape Town and Mall of Africa in Waterfall City.
Toyota reported a slump in quarterly earnings, as the coronavirus pandemic shreds the global auto market.
The city says relief will be provided to approximately 806,959 properties.
SafetyWallet is a South African company that offers membership programs to businesses and employers to encourage and reward them in their compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or OHSA as it is more commonly known in South Africa.
Booze ban’s impact across multiple sectors greatly underestimated
SAB has already announced a potential R5 billion loss in investments, while liquor store owners worry about expired stock, taverns may never open again, waste pickers have less income, and the glass sector risks de-industrialisation.
Sars has in the past attempted to “utilise the criminal offence provisions to extract funds from people”.
SAB says it has effectively lost 30% of its annual production due to the ban on alcohol sales.
The quarterly analysis by DebtBusters has been tracking client trends over the past four years.
Relaxing booze ban too little too late for SAB plant and workers
SAB and the SA Medical Research Council both called for a balanced approach to the ban. But infrastructure upgrades and capital investment worth R2.5 billion have just been cancelled for the alcohol producers.
Know living annuity rules
No claim can be brought against the capital value of a living annuity in the event of divorce or death.
The complex deal Steinhoff CEO Louis du Preez announced last week might just do the trick.
‘For us to stimulate demand for vehicles, we cannot obviously exclude a conversation about tax.’



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