Of all the major metro cities in South Africa, Johannesburg has the weakest housing market, as the ‘semigration’ trend continues to grow, boosting coastal regions.
Faced with a lack of infrastructure development and an unreliable exchange rate in South Africa, the company has looked to the rest of the globe.
House agents and sellers, beware of ‘fake buyers’
Agents and sellers occasionally fall victim to ‘fake buyers’ who make cash offers on properties they know they can’t buy.
Investors enthusiastic about their pledges to SA
‘We are absolute believers that SA is going to rise in the years ahead. To this end we wish to contribute to the growth and development of the country.’
The billionaire and Virgin founder expressed faith in the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa. 
6 financial tips most women should consider
While it is common cause that women lag behind their male counterparts in wealth-building for a number of reasons, there are some significant steps they can take to ensure financial security.

Business News Investors at conference pledge R363bn in total

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the Township Entrepreneurship Fund he announced earlier in the year was being finalised.

SA ‘running out of road’ on national debt

SA ‘running out of road’ on national debt

The country could be slowly sliding to a point of no return as the debt continues to spiral upwards, while economic growth slows down.

State looting not possible if businesses aren’t complicit – Business Leadership SA CEO

Busisiwe Mavuso said she was confused as to why businesses were seen as an ‘untouchable’ force and were not held accountable for state looting.

Business News SA faces another S&P downgrade because of Mboweni’s depressing speech

This follows Moody’s downgrading the outlook for its credit rating of the SA government from stable to negative.

Business News Ford to take its Silverton plant off the grid

Ford will be building a biomass plant on land that has been identified for the first phase of a four-year renewable energy plan on its site in Silverton in Pretoria.

Business News Sasol rejects shareholders’ resolution to disclose greenhouse gas emissions strategy

Six local asset managers filed a joint shareholder resolution asking that Sasol report on how its greenhouse gas emissions strategy aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Billions pledged for projects creating thousands of jobs

Investors continue to consider South Africa as a country with much to offer and a viable and profitable investment destination, President Cyril Ramaphosa said.

Fix your finances like it’s an old Jag

Personal Finance Fix your finances like it’s an old Jag

Restoring financial wellbeing is much like restoring a car – you’re in it for the long run.

Over 16,000 jobs created following SA’s R1.2trn investment bid

Many of the new investments will be located in various special economic zones, said President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Business News Ramaphosa launches automotive hub, which may provide over 5K jobs

The Tshwane Automotive City project aims to transform the city into an automotive production powerhouse.

Business News Electric vehicle charging stations launched at three airports

Electric vehicles accessing the BMW ChargeNow stations will enjoy exclusive parking bays at three airports.

Key estate planning factors when moving abroad temporarily or permanently

Personal Finance Key estate planning factors when moving abroad temporarily or permanently

In our modern, globalised world, many people are moving abroad, whether just temporarily or permanently emigrating.

No more games, Ramaphosa, it’s time for real action – economists

No more games, Ramaphosa, it’s time for real action – economists

Sweet-talking Ramaphosa can’t escape blame for the battling economy and low growth, as experts warn him to take concrete action.

My Small Business Small businesses a gateway to bigger companies for hackers

Their relationship with larger companies means their more vulnerable IT systems can provide a gateway for cybercriminals.



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