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11 Nov 2014
12:00 pm

Prime farm location

Heilbron, a small farming town situated in the scenic northern Free State, has a prize farm up for grabs.

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It lies west of Frankfort and is approximately 80km south of Johannesburg.

The increasing number of game farms provide those living in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg a weekend retreat to the serene countryside. The region also produces maize, sorghum, seeds, wheat and milk.

The town is home to the Heilbron Country Club, with golfing facilities and the Unifees Dam offering boating, swimming, fishing and other recreational options.

The adjacent unimproved stand is approximately 2 754m2 and the premises with the start-up-and-go mill is approximately 7 822m2 in extent, with a large amount of loose assets, including tools, equipment and office furniture. There is a main building consisting of a mill with a floor area of approximately 787m2. It also has various office facilities, including a dispatch and sales offices, ablution facilities, tool store and walk-in safe. The milling infrastructure boasts a fully equipped four-mill maize plant as well as a packaging and stitching unit. The property has shaded parking and fencing.

This mill is situated in a prime maize production area.

Heilbron boasts two major factories, one producing dairy products and another producing corn bites. It is located in a prime commercial area and within close proximity to important amenities with convenient access to main routes.