Mike Schüssler and Phumlani Majozi
3 minute read
27 Jan 2021
7:01 am

Restrictions will cost jobs

Mike Schüssler and Phumlani Majozi

R41.4 billion in turnover is lost every month the regulations remain.

Picture: iStock

Nearly 1.4 million formal and informal jobs are at risk in the South African economy, with the current Covid-19 lockdown alert Level 3 restrictions having a direct impact across at least seven sectors: travel, tourism, entertainment, leisure, manufacturing, agriculture, and services not classified elsewhere. The total number of people employed across these sectors equates to one in 12 jobs being directly at risk of destruction. If one includes family and dependants as a reflection of the normal size of households, the Level 3 restrictions could impact millions more as they rely on the breadwinner’s wages. Since many also help dependants...