Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
2 minute read
19 Oct 2019
7:00 am

SA man banks on digital currency, has plans for PE

Brian Sokutu

South African businessperson Trevor Tambo has launched a crypto currency exchange platform called National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX).

Many coins of various cryptocurrencies.

The New York-based international cryptocurrency market research company CoinMarketCap puts the global worth of the growing industry at R3 trillion in digital assets – a development that has this week seen the International Monetary Fund sending a clear message to finance ministers and central banks, meeting in Washington, that the digital currency is on their countries’ doorstep. The new economy has also led to the wealthy G-7 countries discussing broad guidelines on how best to deal with the digital tsunami. [caption id="attachment_2193210" align="alignnone" width="258"] Trevor Tambo. Picture: Supplied[/caption] Against this background, South African businessperson Trevor Tambo, pictured, who has for...