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Militaria buffs and gun collectors in general will be chomping at the bit when they find out what’s coming up for sale at Consolidated Auction Group.

No fewer than 13 collectable rifles and revolvers, seven of the one and six of the other, will come under Chico da Silva’s hammer, an enthusiastic collector of memorabilia himself.

Top of the lot is a rare lever-action Winchester rifle from the late 1890s that according to its current owner, a renowned gunsmith and militaria collector dates back to the Anglo Boer War period.

At least six other rifles from the late 1800s, many of them with their original cleaning rods and still containing clearly visible regiment signs, will also be sold.

One of the rifles is an 1872 Tower snider, making it a short-barrel rifle made for cavalry use that was only issued to the military.

Another one of the highly collectable rifles is a muzzle-loading, black-powder 1973 Tower with full military stock, dating back to the period of the Anglo-Zulu Wars.

Then there’s also an 1880 Enfield 450 that was re-barrelled in 1896 to fire 303 ordinance in the run-up to the Anglo-Boer War.

At least six revolvers have also been added to the mix of militaria; one of them being an 1880 45-caliber William Clark-made handgun, apparently extremely rare.

Consolidated’s collectors’ auction is expected to be held in early June, and in the meantime the next auction can be diarised:

  • Evening auction of bank-repossessed cars, including vehicles from liquidations. Sedans and panel vans, as well as single and
  • double-cab bakkies, big and small, can be expected. Alfa, Citroën, Colt, Fiat, Ford, Honda, VW, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota or Opel vehicles will all be on offer. The auction starts at 7pm on May 28 at 10 President Street in Germiston.

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