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Aura Thai Spa is a representation of a typical spa found in Northern Thailand. Different sections that fit your choice of relaxation are professionally set out for your comfort. Also, private cubicles ensure that you feel absolutely uninfluenced from the outside world while our therapists work their professional magic.

Thai Massage follows the Buddhist teaching that a human being is composed of four aggregates, “Panca Khanda”, namely: feelings, recognition, thought and consciousness.

Every human is born on the foundation of these aggregates and is composed of four elements: earth, water, wind and fire. All four elements are interrelated and must be balanced. The earth element represents 20 organs and parts of the body, the water element represents 12 products of the body’s organs, the wind element circulates in six directions within the body, representing the blood circulation and the breath, and then the fire element heats up four areas of the body.

Why consider a massage:

◊ For relaxation

◊ Relieves pains and muscle tension

◊ Strengthens and rejuvenates the body

◊ Invigorates the nervous system

◊ Improves circulation

◊ Heightens awareness

◊ Also appears to enhance immune functions

◊ Circulatory and respiratory problems

◊ Post injury and post surgical rehabilitation

◊ Lowers levels of hormones such as cholesterol

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