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Insults fly as Sizwe accuses Vusi of plagiarism in Twitter war

Sizwe Dhlomo. Image: Instagram

Sizwe Dhlomo. Image: Instagram

Top motivational speaker and businessman Vusi Thembekwayo responded to the accusation, saying he had managed a R400m business while Sizwe Dhlomo was spinning discs at YFM.

So heated was a back and forth argument between Sizwe and Vusi that it has been trending on Twitter the whole day.

It all started when Sizwe posted tweets about the taxi industry and his opinion on the strike which nearly crippled the province on Thursday. In his tweets, Sizwe opined that taxi owners should formalise their industry by offering insurance and creating their own dealerships, effectively cutting out the middleman and building more wealth for themselves and the country.


Vusi liked the tweets and in a separate post on Facebook, used information similar to Sizwe’s about the taxi industry and their lack of economic formalisation.

See the video below in which Vusi quotes the statistic about the taxi industry buying 1200 taxis every month

Sizwe was alerted to the post and began tweeting about how his posts were used and not referenced.

Sizwe added that ‘this guy’ had also gone on to brand an interview he had done with his producer as his own, again without referencing him.

Though he didn’t mention any names, Vusi uploaded a video onto his Twitter, slamming Sizwe for calling him out. He said he could have contacted him to hash the issue out like men but instead he had ‘acted like a little girl’ and posted on Twitter.

The insults didn’t end there as Sizwe also had a few jabs.

Sizwe then went on to pull out a receipt, showing that his tweets were posted at least an hour before Vusi’s Facebook video.

While Vusi has apologised for calling Sizwe a little girl and offending women, neither he nor Sizwe have backed down from the twar.

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