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PICS, VIDEO: Inside Karabo Mokoena’s emotional memorial service

The image displayed of Karabo Mokoena at a memorial service. Image: Thabang Buthelezi

The image displayed of Karabo Mokoena at a memorial service. Image: Thabang Buthelezi

Hundreds of people have gathered at Diepkloof hall in Soweto to pay tribute to a young woman who has been described as driven, spiritual and vivacious.

Though her life was abruptly cut short, leaving her family and friends distraught at her untimely passing, many have agreed that Karabo Mokoena has made an impact on the lives of all young women in SA.

This was the sentiment shared at her memorial service, where her life was celebrated and remembered by her loved ones. Though the mood was sombre, emotional and dark at times, the anecdotes shared by Karabo’s relatives and close friends lightened up the hall that was packed to capacity.


The crowd heard how the 22-year-old had always wanted to be famous, and if she had been alive, would have seen how her dream had come true, though in a sad manner. Her friends have agreed that she potential in everyone, was God-fearing and loved life.


One friend detailed how she had spoken to Karabo right up until a few days before she died. Their conversation was tense, and Karabo was upset, she said.

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Another speaker chastised families for allowing their children to ‘do want they want’ without any supervision, leading to dire consequences.

See videos below

Karabo’s family including her parents seated in the front row

A speaker calls on families to stop letting their children ‘do their own thing’

The same speaker says the Karabo was failed by men who were supposed to protect her

Songs were sung to honour the memory of Karabo


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