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Limpopo residents get connected with set-top boxes

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The boxes convert digital signals so they can be viewed on analogue television sets.

Residents of Motsane in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo, on Sunday received set-top boxes from the department of communications in partnership with stakeholders.

This is according to a report by, which stated that the boxes converted digital signals so they could be viewed on analogue television sets.

Further, it was reported that government was committed to issuing five million subsidised boxes, as the country migrated from analogue to digital broadcasting.

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According to, Maggy Magolela, 40, was excited after she received a box that now enabled her to watch TV and listen to the radio, which she was previously unable to do, as she could not afford a satellite dish.

Acting director-general for the department Basani Baloyi reportedly addressed residents from about 16 villages, saying the department had heard about the community’s network problems and would return with solutions and further encouraged the residents to register their boxes.

Baloyi also believed the academic performance of pupils who watched and listened educational shows would be improved.

It is further reportedly thought that the digital migration would create new opportunities for business and create jobs in the broadcasting or digital fields.

Meanwhile Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) councillor, Paris Mashile, addressed the lack of community radios as a major challenge and said Icasa would establish a Limpopo office for people to submit their complaints in a bid for the process of delivering services to be faster.


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