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Another Gateway store robbed by armed gang

Gateway stock image. Picture: Northglen News

Gateway stock image. Picture: Northglen News

The men used two cars, a VW Polo and Mercedes, in the early morning robbery.

Durban North police are on the hunt for an armed gang targeting shopping malls around Durban, reports the Northglen News.

This comes after a robbery of a telecommunications shop just 24 hours after a watch shop was robbed in the same centre. According to Captain Raymond Deokaran, spokesperson for the Durban North SAPS, the suspects used two cars in the robbery.

The robbery took place at about 1am on Wednesday morning.

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“We believe a total of seven suspects were involved. They used two cars in the robbery and made off with a number of items of merchandise, including phones.

“We believe the men who robbed the store are the same ones involved in the robbery of a jewellery shop at the Hilton Hotel, as well as the Gateway watch robbery. The men are being referred to as the ‘Hammer gang’. The suspects had a Mercedes and a VW Polo which was used in the robbery,” he said.

Gateway confirmed that a robbery took place but are yet to release a statement.

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