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Moreki, focus on your children now, says Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader; Julius Malema. File photo: Gallo Images / Beeld / Cornel van Heerden

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader; Julius Malema. File photo: Gallo Images / Beeld / Cornel van Heerden

Your time of being ‘moreki’ is over; now it’s time to buy school uniforms and books for your children, says the EFF leader.

It’s back to school for South African schools and Economic Freedom Fighters CIC Julius Malema has advice for parents. Taking to Twitter, Malema has urged “Moreki” to focus on their children who have started school today. “Good luck South Africa’s beautiful future. Moreki focus on your children now,” he said.

Malema used the Sepedi word ‘moreki’, which means buyer (or big spender), the same word people used over the festive season to describe those who bought alcohol for others. He was perhaps reminding them of his warning ahead of the festive season when he told followers to “pasop” and limit their expenditure on unnecessary things.

In Sepedi, he said people were now saying Ke Dezemba Boss but would change their tune in January next year when school fees and rent had to be paid up.

“Hehe Moreki, hehe Ke December boss, Come January ke kgopela ya school fees sa ngwana. Ke kgopela ya rente, Pasop #Moreki,” he said.

Though most were in support of his statement, some complained, saying he should let people enjoy their money. We hope they took the CIC’s advice.

Celebs such as Kelly Khumalo  and L’vovo Derrango were among those who seemed to have been on the same page as Malema as they posted pictures of their children’s first day of school.

Kelly wrote, along with a picture of the son she bore to Jub Jub: “As he gets ready for School A big part of me is extremely happy yet emotional, we have come a long way my boy, yes you and I fight every 5mins because of your extra ordinary character but then again I ddn’t ask God for a normal boy, last week I asked what you wanted to be when you grow up, you said you want fly air planes, Well Son your journey of becoming a Pilot begins today.”

L’vovo simply posted a picture of his son with the caption: “Back to school”.

Check out his post below:

Back to school @sbani_

A photo posted by Lvovo Derrango (@lvovosa) on

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