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Ngangezwe points a gun at Mastermind this week on ‘Uzalo’

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday April 10

Trouble looms for Smangele when the truth about Buhle’s baby is revealed to the wrong person. Mxolisi finds a way to get back with Zekhethelo. Nosipho is shocked to discover Amos’ true colours.

Tuesday April 11

Smangele thinks she’s home free when she learns that the nurse has resigned and disappeared, only for Ngangezwe to arrive with the cops and demand a blood test. Nosipho manages to get out of the flat, but just as she is about to board a taxi, Amos catches her. After a heartfelt chat with MaNgcobo, Zekhethelo decides to give Mxolisi a chance.

Wednesday April 12

Smangele is upset that she was forced to give Nkosinathi a paternity test. Amos makes it clear to Nosipho that she’s not going anywhere. Mastermind tells Ngangezwe that he wants nothing to do with him after the test results.

Thursday April 13

Ngangezwe points a gun at Mastermind, convinced he is working with Smangele. Smangele disguises herself while on the run. MaMlambo warns MaNgcobo not to trust Innocentia.

Friday April 14

The search for Smangele and the stolen baby intensifies from all sides. MaNgcobo receives the address of where Nosipho is staying and she pays her daughter a visit. Magwaza’s muti starts working and a disturbing nightmare commences.

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