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Jack puts a price on Thabiso’s head this week on ‘Generations’

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Watch ‘Generations’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday April 10

Lungelo is shocked to realise Getty was telling the truth. Has an innocent kitty-cat managed to soften the hardest heart of all? Nolwazi says her final goodbyes to her one true love.

Tuesday April 11

The clock is ticking but will Fana find the grave in time? Lesedi’s innocent question catches Lucy off guard. Zitha is shocked when the police arrive to arrest her.

Wednesday April 12

Mrekza pitches at the shebeen with a special gift. Zach and Namhla make a breakthrough. Jack puts a price on Thabiso’s head.

Thursday April 13

Getty decides to follow her sister’s advice and play the victim. Smanga isn’t happy to hear why Tau is so intrigued. Gadaffi is furious when his revenge ploy falls flat.

Friday April 14

Wandile tries to explain herself but Lungelo is not interested. Lucy is furious about her late-night visitor. Nolwazi’s paranoia gets the better of her.

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