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Mpiyakhe is lured to his doom this week on ‘Isibaya’

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Watch ‘Isibaya’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday April 3

A mysterious woman stumbles upon Mgijimi’s body. Fezile and the men are disappointed to find no traces of Mpiyakhe’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Siphokazi fears the worst.

Tuesday April 4

Something dangerous dwells in the river. One of Fezile’s men go missing and Jabu steps up, making his family proud in his father’s absence.

Wednesday April 5

Mpiyakhe’s life is in danger. Finally, Mehlemamba has hope, while Iris is worried about Manqoba. Beauty learns that her husband might be going away for a very long time.

Thursday April 6

Siphokazi struggles to deal with her own fears of losing Mpiyakhe while S’Khaleni has a heartbreaking moment with Skizan’s son.

Friday April 7

Mehlemamba has a powerful vision about Zakhiti. Beauty makes Qaphela understand who is in control. Mpiyakhe is lured to his doom by Nonhlazi.

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