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Nosipho and Amos make up this week on ‘Uzalo’

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Uzalo’ this week.

Monday March 27

Something happens that pushes Innocentia over the edge, causing her to make rash decisions. A pastor is nervous ahead of his return to a church he once called home. MaNgcobo is in for a very big surprise.

Tuesday March 28

MaNgcobo is stunned as Nkunzi wants her to move out for alienating Innocentia. Sbu arrives with weapons for his mysterious mission with Nkunzi. Smangele is alarmed as Buhle pays her a surprise visit

Wednesday March 29

Nkunzi tries to lure a skeptical Mastermind into his line of business. Nosipho gets cornered and loses Amos’ money. Mondli turns his entire focus to solving the ATM bombing case, determined to find the criminal responsible.

Thursday March 30

Smangele asks Buhle if she regrets giving away her child. Smangele asks if Nosipho wants to leave Amos. Thandeka is worried after seeing Nosipho’s bruises. Nosipho and Amos make up. Mastermind thanks Nkunzi for taking him under his wing.

Friday March 31

Smangele battles with how comfortable Buhle is with Nkosinathi, afraid that the truth could come out. Pastor Mdletshe tries to convince a reluctant Mxolisi to help him and Nkunzi recruit more youth to get off the streets and work at the panel beaters. Mxolisi is making progress with Zekhethelo, even though the relationship isn’t moving as fast as he would like.

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