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‘Isibaya’ this week: S’khaleni has another disturbing vision

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What is it that S’khaleni sees that is so traumatising? Watch ‘Isibaya’ this week to find out.

Monday December 19

A tragic accident shocks the valley. Judas and Samson prepare for the next phase of their attack on the Zungus. Thandeka worries about S’bu, while Mpiyakhe finds himself in the firing line.

Tuesday December 20

Mpiyakhe desperately fights to prove his innocence. S’khaleni has another disturbing vision. Qondi attempts to bring the community together. Jabu makes plans to visit his family.

Wednesday December 21

Mehlemamba finds a crucial piece of evidence. Judas and Samson unleash their next dirty trick. Jabu struggles with the idea of facing his father. Meanwhile, S’khaleni’s trauma becomes a burden for Pam.

Thursday December 22

Mehlemamba uncovers the truth about the crash. Jabu is unable to face his family, while Mandla and Samson plant a crucial piece of evidence against the Zungus.

Friday December 23

Qondi’s Christmas party provides a much needed reprieve. Mpiyakhe is pressurised to fight fire with fire. Thandeka and S’bu evaluate their position.

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