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Sibahle is humiliated this week on ‘Uzalo’

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

The cast of 'Uzalo'. Picture: Supplied

Watch ‘Uzalo’ this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday December 12

Ayanda and Smangele’s umembeso seem to be cursed. Sibahle tells Ayanda to think twice about marrying Smangele. Smangele wants Ayanda to promise her that he will marry her. Mondli tells Nosipho he’s divorcing Mantwa.

Thandeka warns Nosipho about falling for Mondli again. Mondli tells Nosipho he loves her and won’t give up on her. Jojo tells GC and Thobile they have to take the salon seriously. GC introduces changes to the salon. Fikile is attracted to Jojo.

Tuesday December 13

Ayanda and Sibahle are back at it again. MaNzuza break Sibahle and Ayanda apart without even knowing it. The ancestors show up at the wedding, but only MaMkhulu can see them. MaMkhulu is convinced the missing cow has to do with unhappy ancestors.

Nosipho’s head is in the clouds realising she is back with the love of her life; she invites him to Ayanda’s wedding as her partner.

Wednesday December 14

Mxolisi and Sibahle connect. Ayanda and Smangele’s wedding does not go according to plan. Sibahle is humiliated.

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