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Kenny Kunene warns ‘arrogant and rude’ murderer who admires him

Kunene, wife Nkuli and a group of prisoners.

Kunene, wife Nkuli and a group of prisoners.

Percy Khoza vowed earlier this month that when his life sentence is over he’ll come back ‘rich like Kenny Kunene’.

Convicted murderer Percy Khoza earlier this month declared in the High Court in Johannesburg that the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison did not shake him.

The 26-year-old was charged with ex-girlfriend Mary-Lee Mucambe’s murder in October 2014 when he was 22. He was found guilty of the murder in March.

“I don’t care whether I’m going to get a life sentence or not but I will be back, don’t worry.

“When I come back I will be rich like Kenny Kunene,” Khoza said.

However, Kunene said in an interview with Sunday Sun that he wasn’t impressed with the young murderer’s attitude and didn’t appreciate the man using his name.

First of all, he pointed out that he had never killed anyone himself, but had been jailed for several years in the early 2000s for his role in a Ponzi scheme in the Free State. He spent most of his jail time in Grootvlei Prison, during which he participated in a big video exposé of warder corruption with now-longtime friend Gayton McKenzie.

He used to be an accomplished con man, but vowed in prison never to return to crime. Today he is a businessman known for his flamboyant lifestyle.

Kunene told Sunday Sun that he condemned Khoza’s statement and the man was not showing sufficient remorse, which would come back to haunt him later when he applied for parole.

He said: “[The family of the victim will] have to give a good word for him when his time for parole comes through. Otherwise he won’t qualify for parole … such arrogance and rudeness is unacceptable, honestly.”

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