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Twitter roasts Khanyi Mbau for her ‘pink’ skin

Picture: Ttwitter

Picture: Ttwitter

The Metro FM DJ has left some on Twitter saying she was competing with the pink chairs behind her.

Actor, radio presenter and model Khanyi Mbau is the talk of the Twitter streets after sharing a picture of herself on Monday. The Shake hit maker has been on the top trends after Twitter users failed to recognise her because of her skin, which they said looked “very pink”.

Some said Mbau had started her own race as she was not black any more, yet not quite white. Unfortunately, her kids would still look black, they said.

Others said while she was beautiful, she would have difficulty convincing her ancestors it was her if she approached them for help.

One of her brave followers tweeted her and said she was looking “yellower” than usual. Mbau responded and told them that, like the value of money, things changed.

She may be looking “pink”, said others, but has disobedient hands that refuse to change colour.

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These were some of the comments on Twitter:




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