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‘You’re a fu**ing monkey,’ white man allegedly tells Bokang Montjane

Picture: Instagram

Picture: Instagram

The man was angry with Montjane’s bad driving, though she said she was doing the right thing.

As South Africa was commemorating Human Rights Day on Tuesday, former Miss SA and businesswoman Bokang Montjane shared a story of a road rage incident that ended in her being called a “monkey”.

Montjane said she was driving from her salon with a white man and woman driving behind her in a Ford. Though the traffic lights were green for her, traffic from the other direction was still moving, so she stopped and waited for it to be safe to continue with her journey. However, the couple behind her could not take her “bad driving” lying down.

Montjane said they started screaming and hooting until she she crossed over and drove on the yellow lane to make way for them.

“What is wrong with you?” Montjane asked the couple.

“You’re a fuc**ng monkey, monkeys can’t drive, fuck you, you monkey,” was the alleged response from the man as he further made monkey sounds.

In anger, Montjane said she got out of her car, created a scene and forced the couple to apologise, as she could not let them get away with with it. She said, however, that a forced apology did not make anything better, and it was the couple’s mindset that needed fixing.

“I got so mad. Today is Human Rights day, and we as Africans are still being called monkeys by some white people. I followed them, and I blocked the whole road, got out of my car, stood right in front of their car and told them they can run me off if they want to, but I will not be moving out till they get out and apologise.

“I told them I don’t care about the zap signs and F words or even their road rage, but I will not tolerate racism and say it’s ok to be called a Monkey because I’m black … I chose to cause a scene and didn’t care that I’m a public figure, and it might not fit in with being a so-called Miss SA, no, this is about my forefathers, my grandparents, my parents and what they’ve been through for us to get this freedom.

“You biggest part is that this is about my son and the fact that these two people will have children and teach them that Africans are monkeys and their kids will say it to my son some day … We can’t keep tolerating such nonsense for the sake of peace,” she said.

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