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Zahara’s revealing outfit breaks the internet

Zahara. Picture: Instagram

Zahara. Picture: Instagram

The Loliwe hit maker has been criticised for wearing a revealing a dress, with some body shaming her.

Country Girl hit maker Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana has become a trending topic on Twitter after posting a picture in a revealing outfit.

Zahara posted the picture and said she was getting ready for a photo shoot, but we don’t think she was ready for the comments she would receive.

The award-winning musician was criticised for basically everything. While some criticised her for being a “weave girl” instead of rocking her natural hair like she used to, some said they had lost respect for her for wearing a revealing dress.

getting ready for the shoot

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These were some of the comments she received:

“Respect yourself girl I use to love your songs and you but now you make me to hate you.”

“It’s not working for me you make me feel uneasy by just looking at you. Try other look girl.”

“Zahara’s first album made me think she’s a virgin….. but manje her Instagram ay.”

“Zahara I say it again she has no friends guys I would never allow you as a chomi.”

Some defended her and said she could wear whatever she wanted, further slamming those who were body shaming her.

“Wow!!! It’s so sad that girls are the most body shaming her… And u expect guys to motivate & love you while u show no respect to other women! You our here demeaning each other and demand respect from men!! We all have flaws! You can’t body shame people as if you perfect! If she chose to wear that ☝ it means she us comfortable at her own skin,who are you to judge her…Not everyone is size 0/28.. Did we choose our body parts when God created us.”

“If zahara feels good and comfy in what she’s wearing let her be. If u don’t like it…keep your opinions to yourselves,” wrote some of her fans.

Some said it was okay for people to have an opinion about her dress, but that body shamming was wrong.

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