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Pearl Thusi’s father ‘not happy’ with Robert Marawa’s family

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Marawa has not paid lobola for Pearl and her father is not happy about it.

Pearl Thusi’s father and Durban taxi boss Bhekizizwe Thusi is reportedly not happy with his daughter’s fiancé Robert Marawa’s family for not paying lobola for her. Thusi is not impressed with Marawa’s family for treating his daughter like a makoti while they have not paid for her lobola, further accusing them of being disrespectful.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he reportedly said he was still waiting for the Marawa family to unite the two families traditionally. He said Pearl only told him about the engagement, but said nothing about when her fiancé would send his uncles to pay for lobola.

In Thusi’s family, lobola must be paid before claiming a woman as their makoti, so for Marawa’s family to do what they are doing only shows that they undermine him as Pearl’s father, he reportedly said.

He further told the publication that he was starting to think perhaps the couple got married without his knowledge.

Marawa’s mother, Phumlile Zulu, told the tabloid that her family was still mourning Marawa’s father’s death and could not be thinking about a wedding.

Pearl shared a series of tweets that left fans wondering if she was referring to the reports about her engagement.

“Some people create a personal hell and want to drag everyone else in it.

“I will not fight with you. I won’t hurt you. Hell is waiting for you. A hell hotter than the blackness of your heart,” she said.

Though the couple has been together for a while now, neither has verbally confirmed their relationship. They only post pictures of each other, with Pearl calling Marawa her Man Crush Everyday.

“Beautiful yet bitter goodbyes … You’re a man a woman thought she could only ever dream of. I love you so much. You’re my calm in every storm,” she said in one of the pictures of the two together.

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