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Cassper’s ‘hater’ Bentley scratcher arrested for ‘R300K damage’ – report

Wealthy rapper Cassper Nyovest with his Bentley. Picture: Instagram

Wealthy rapper Cassper Nyovest with his Bentley. Picture: Instagram

A report reveals that someone in a Toyota Tazz tried to get away after ‘deliberately scratching’ the Continental GT.

Last year a series of social media messages by rapper Cassper Nyovest, real name Refilwe Phoolo, broke the news that someone had scratched one of his Bentleys.

A report by tabloid Sunday World has now revealed that at least one scratching culprit was apprehended because the man reportedly driving the Bentley at the time, Nyovest’s friend Comedian Chris Mapane, was able to record the number plate off the Toyota Tazz of the man who scratched the car at Montecasino in Joburg.

In his police statement, Mapane is believed to have said the damages amounted to R300 000, while the Bentley Continental GT is worth as much as R3.7 million.

Mapane was not willing to confirm if his statement to police about the Bentley related to Cassper Nyovest’s car, but he did confirm that he had been driving a Bentley and that the repairs of R300 000 were “crazy”. “With R300 000 you can get a new car,” he reportedly said.

In another report about the Bentley scratch in Sunday Sun, however, it is reported that “an unknown motorist scratched [Cassper’s] Bentley outside Cantare nightclub”.

They report that Cassper charged towards the fleeing motorist and had to be held back by his entourage.

The rapper confirmed this version of the story to Sunday Sun. He is quoted as saying: “Yeah, the guy scratched my car and fled the scene without talking to me.”

He added that “God will deal with him.”

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