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LISTEN: Kasi Mlungu takes on the haters, says she dated a black man

Anita Ronge, who goes by the name Kasi Mlungu.

Anita Ronge, who goes by the name Kasi Mlungu.

The woman accused of misappropriating black culture has defended herself again, telling East Coast Radio she has even dated a black man.

In an effort to prove she just really likes black culture and identifies with it, Anita Ronge, a DJ who goes by the name Kasi Mlungu has said her love of house music wasn’t anything to be defended.

She added that she had even dated a black guy, somewhat proving that she doesn’t really see skin colour.

“My school was 98% white and you can imagine the kind of hate I got mainly from white people. I was called names such as KFC (K***** F***ing Chick). They said I was downgrading. I didn’t care. I was happy with who I am. I still don’t give a s*** about what people have to say about me,” said DuchAz, who is open about her love for the ANC, according to Sowetan Live.

Listen to her full interview below

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