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A round-up of South Africa’s most festive restaurants



With the festive season here, chances are high most of us are on the search for festive and fabulous restaurants in and around town that offer up scrumptious food in festive surroundings.

While South Africa is dappled with wonderfully colourful restaurants, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and every small town in between, there are only a handful that offer truly unique, unforgettable menus that don’t require a Powerball win to enjoy.

This festive season, if you’re looking for venues that boast great food with even tastier surroundings, perhaps for a family celebration or office party, be sure to take a look at the following restaurants:

1. The Test Kitchen, Cape Town

The brainchild of acclaimed chef, Luke-Dale Roberts, The Test Kitchen offers up delicious food in an environment that is buzzing with the excitement of diners who flock from all over the country to taste his masterpiece dishes. For creative, tasty and truly once-in-a-lifetime types of meals, The Test Kitchen is the ideal space in which to unwind with those who offer up the best type of company.

2. Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay

A colourful and exciting restaurant, Cape to Cuba lies on the shores of Kalk Bay and is festooned with colourful and opulent décor that is just as scrumptious as the traditional Cuban food that can be found on the menu. Recognised for its generous cocktails and lip-smacking food, Cape to Cuba is the ideal spot for friends, colleagues and families to spread themselves out on the velvet chairs and soak up the creative menu and divine ambience.

3. Restaurant Mosaic, Pretoria

Run by award-winning chef Chantel Dartnall, Restaurant Mosaic is a sliver of heaven for those who can appreciate fantastic food served in an unforgettable setting. Ideal for special occasions, this restaurant is perfect for those who are looking for an intimate foodie experience, with all of the bells and whistles that go with it!

4. Workshop 55, Parktown

Gourmet tapas at their finest, Workshop 55 is not only festive but boasts an infectious vibe that is made even more tangible by their exciting kitchen and gin bar. The perfect space for those who are looking to kick back and relax while enjoying good food, Workshop 55 boasts a unique menu and setting.

Enjoying good food in a festive environment certainly doesn’t require you to keep an eye on your latest lottery results – you simply need to know where to look! Surround yourself with good food, a festive setting, good company and we guarantee that the experience will be priceless!

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