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Live life to the full! Eight fun ideas for the festive season



Struggling to find an original idea for you and your partner to do with the upcoming festive season? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

1.Romantic picnic at home

You don’t have to actually leave the house to go on this “date”. Simply buy some delicious finger foods, get some cognac or bubbly, and set up a picnic on your living room floor or in a corner of your garden. Put pillows down so you can sit or lie together, and make sure you’ve got some great music that will help you both feel relaxed.

2. Play adventure golf

With warm summer days and nights, it’s great to do something fun outdoor! So why not take you both back to your childhood days and go and play a round or two of miniature golf together. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun being silly with your partner doing something you’ve probably not done for a very long time.

3. Take turns choosing a restaurant and surprising each other

When it’s your turn to choose the restaurant, make sure you choose somewhere unusual (not your local Italian or sushi) and make an effort to get dressed up for a special evening out. Taking turns and not knowing where you are going can really add some excitement to your relationship. And flirting, which is so often lost early on in relationships, might naturally happen.

4. Go to a market

Nothing is quite as fun as walking around trying different foods and exploring new markets, and South Africa is full of them! Find out about new or vibey markets in your city and make a date to try a new market every month.

5. Go for brunch

People so often think of date as something that has to happen at night, but they really can happen anytime. Why not plan to have a weekend
brunch date? You can even make it a champagne brunch to make it that little bit more special.

6. Plan massages

Why not plan to give each other a sexy massage at the end of a long work day? Get some massage oil, or why not try the Durex 2-in-1 massage
and lubricant, and rub each other down after a hot bath or shower. This sort of date will really increase the sensuality in the relationship and help you to both feel more relaxed.

7. Cook each other dinner

Cooking is often a mundane task that we have to do at the end of a long day, and it’s also more often done by one partner than both. Why not share some of the responsibility and plan to cook dinner together? Plan your menu, go to the shops together, prepare the food together and enjoy the labour of your love as a couple (at the dinner table not in front of the TV). It can be really fun to cook with your partner, and cooking something unusual and creative can be even more of an enjoyable experience.

8. Take a ‘staycation’

Sometimes, going ‘away’ for one night can feel like you’ve had the break you need. So why not book you and your partner into a hotel for
one night on the weekend. Turn off your phones and just focus on spending time together while you’re on ‘holiday’. People tend to have more sex on holiday too, so it’s the perfect idea if you want to feel relaxed and closer to your partner – both from a night away and from great sex

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