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AKA won’t be humiliated by ‘flying business class again’

Picture: Twitter.

Picture: Twitter.

‘Ya know, I’m blessed man … very very very talented, handsome and charismatic …but also very very very very blessed.’

Like most of us, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes has New Year’s resolutions, and he did not hold back from sharing them with this fans. Those resolutions are, however, probably a little different to those the rest of us might have made.

In a series of tweets, AKA shared with his fans that he was on his way to Thailand and Hong Kong, where he would be shooting a music video. He also said his vacation would cost him “an arm and a Rolex”.

However, what got fans talking was one particular resolution that accompanied the pictures he was sharing.

There were also a few pictures recently of him and his entourage in a private jet.


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✈️ NYE 🍾

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“Told myself in 2016 I would never be subjected to the humiliation of flying business class again,” he said in a tweet that left many calling him “arrogant”.

“I’ll be sh*tting on the haters from dizzy heights over the next week. You have been warned,” he added.

One of his followers, who was not impressed, slammed him for “bragging” about paying for first class on a trip to what was normally the “cheapest” destination.

“We as a country deserve better celebrities please. Also ‘humiliation of flying business class’ like we must all feel ashamed of ourselves Please. SPARE ME,” she added.

Some alleged that his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, paid for the tickets he was “bragging” about, while some advised him to stay humble or his “fall from grace will be spectacular”.


Not that their comments affected AKA anyway.

The Now Congratulate Me hit maker told his fans he could not be bothered by the bad comments he received on Twitter.

“100% of the bullshit people have said to me on twitter, has never been said to my face, in real life. I think that’s an amazing statistic,” he said.

In fact, nothing people say on Twitter will change the fact that he was a “very blessed”, talented and handsome man.

“Ya know, I’m blessed man ….. very very very talented, handsome and charismatic …….but also very very very very blessed,” he said.

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