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WATCH: Are you in a sexship or relationship? Gogo explains

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Picture: iStock

Don’t we all want to know if what we have with the significant other is worth investing in, or should we just let it go?

This old woman’s relationship advice will leave you thinking twice about the kind of a relationship you’re in and if there is a future for it.

In a video posted on Facebook by UNILAD, her first bit of advice was: “Be friends first.” You should talk about politics, religion, families and children so you know what they like to find out if you have things in common.

“Talk about things that you intellectually agree with,” she said, because once you’re sexually attracted to someone, you don’t think about what they like. You don’t think about their mother possibly being a drug addict or if there is a disease in the family.

“You’re not thinking about those things, you’re wrapped up in sex and you can’t think when you’re like that.”

She further urges people to know what kind of person they’re into so they can go to places that cater for them.

“If you like to read books or write poetry, go to a poetry club; go to libraries where you find people that are like-minded like you.”

If it works out and they say they want to marry you, she says it’s still not a good reason for you to start kissing and “doing all that”.

“Lock it down,” she says.

“If you wanna marry me, let’s plan on a wedding; let’s have an engagement. Let’s make sure he has a job.

“Find out what his financial [situation is]; if he is smart enough to know how to save money.

“Find out if he’s a spendthrift – and are you a spendthrift?”

These are the things she says people argue about, she says.

“After the good sex, what are you going to talk about? What do you have in common?”

Of course, this advice is not a one-size-fits-all matter, as relationships are different and people want different things. However, for those who would like to know if they are in a relationship or a sexship, this woman may offer something for you to chew on.

Watch the full video below:

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