SARS discovers that Agliotti owes Krejcir

FILE PIC. Glenn Agliotti. Picture: Michel Bega

FILE PIC. Glenn Agliotti. Picture: Michel Bega

The estate of self-confessed drug smuggler Glen Agliotti is under provisional sequestration in the North Gauteng High Court because the taxman says he owes R60,8m in income tax and R17m in VAT.

The order was granted on Monday.

The founding affidavit of Pieter Engelbrecht, a senior manager at the SA Revenue Service (SARS), links Agliotti to Czech fugitive and local newsmaker Radovan Krejcir.

Engelbrecht’s affidavit reveals that Agliotti owed R400 000 to Groep Twee Beleggings, a company associated with Krejcir. He states that according to SARS, this amount has not been repaid.

Agliotti is not the only Groep Twee debtor. Last week the Mail & Guardian reported that Francois Steyn, the head of Germiston’s organised crime unit, had received a R408 000 loan from the company too.

SARS’ sequestration application was ex parte, which means Agliotti was not asked to respond. The court has issued a rule nisi, giving Agliotti until February 10, 2014, to appear and show cause, if any, why the sequestration order should not be made final.

Engelbrecht’s affidavit describes the frustration SARS has experienced in pursuing its claim against Agliotti. Despite his luxury address (Pecanwood Estate, Hartebeesport) and lifestyle, Agliotti has few assets to his name. During 2010, the Sheriff attached a number of Agliotti’s moveable assets, including a Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover. However it turned out that the Mercedes Benz had been sold to Agliotti by Wesbank in an instalment sale transaction and the Range Rover allegedly belonged to another entity, Alphera Financial Services. Other moveable assets were sold but they realised just R30 785.

Motivating the sequestration, Engelbrecht states that an investigation into Agliotti’s affairs will reveal liquidated assets as well as offshore interests. He notes that Agliotti holds, or held, Midlands Bank account in Guernsey.

Engelbrecht also points out that Agliotti recently divorced his wife, but the two still live at the same address, suggesting that the divorce is a ruse to disqualify them from section 21 of the Insolvency Act should the estate be sequestrated.”




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