Trade and Industry department receives clean audit

FILE PICTURE: Department of Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies. Picture: DoC

FILE PICTURE: Department of Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies. Picture: DoC

The auditor general of SA (AGSA) has given the trade and industry department (dti) and some its entities a clean audit for 2014/15.

Speaking at a function hosted by the AGSA in Pretoria on Friday to recognise government departments, including the presidency, for good governance and sound financial and performance management, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said the department would try to maintain the clean audit status it received.

The clean audit meant the dti’s 2014/15 financial statements were free from material misstatements and there were no material findings on reporting on performance objectives or non-compliance with legislation

Davies said the dti had instilled a culture of “continuous improvement” and additional innovative processes would be implemented to ensure that the dti was a world-class organisation.

“We know that in order to maintain this ‘clean audit’ we will have to work even harder. This will continue being a team effort with commitment on all levels. We will again draw on the strength and direction from leadership and governance committees and also supporting staff across all levels to ensure that we do not lose sight of our goal of maintaining our ‘clean audit’.”

The dti entities that achieved a clean audit included the National Consumer Tribunal, the National Credit Regulator, the National Empowerment Fund, the National Metrology Institute of SA, the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of SA Limited, and the SA Bureau of Standards.

Davies congratulated dti Director General Lionel October for his strategic direction and guidance in enhancing the control environment and governance structures within the department. He also thanked CFO Shabeer Khan, as well as senior management and staff of the dti for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieving a clean audit.




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